TRM, I Second that Sentiment!

TRMarchesano has a post on his blog, D=S (Democrat Equals Socialist), called THE BIGGEST CROCK OF SHIT I HAVE READ THIS MONTH… that will “piss you off” once
you read it! He is responding to Jennifer at Dandelion Salad. She wrote The Myths behind Iraq’s Civil War”. TR told me about the post and suggested I go read it and leave my comments. I read the post and and the subsequent comments.

I have to say, once I read the post, I too felt that it was “THE BIGGEST CROCK OF SHIT I HAVE READ THIS MONTH…!” It really hit a nerve for many others also, both for and against what she wrote! Here are some excerpts:

Never before in American history has a documentary film examined “the enemy” while the conflict continues. The information contained in the film has become so valuable in gaining understanding of the violence in Iraq; it has been shown not only to civilian audiences, but to military audiences as well. Of note is the recent showing to “The Red Team” operating in Iraq whose main job is to conduct exercises and war games, providing an adversarial perspective, especially when this perspective includes plausible tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTP) as well as realistic policy and doctrine… of the enemy. Although the filmmakers themselves are journalists, with no specific political or military agenda, the military has recognized the great value this film offers.

  • The first myth largely accepted is that the majority of the violence in Iraq is due to sectarian violence targeting mostly civilians.
  • The second myth circulated for American audiences is the idea that sectarian tensions in Iraq existed before the US led invasion (mostly between Sunni and Shi’a).
  • The third myth is that violence is largely attributed to “outside influences,” namely that of foreign fighters from Iran and Syria.
  • Last, the myth that Iraqi on Iraqi violence is motivated by religious ideology is also shown to be largely false.

My first thought for her was all the questions that keep coming up in serious engagements, “How does the press know to be on hand to conveniently film the battles?” Next was the incidences where the “reporter” was in fact working for the enemy. Also, except for Michael Yon, I can’t really think of any reporters that I would trust. Michael reports on the war. He reports failures “and” successes. He reports from all over Iraq from the “front line,” not the safety of the Baghdad Hotel in the Green Zone relying on second hand information from questionable “sources!”

When I read A Thank You Letter, Let Us Seize the Momentum in Iraq, There’s No Place Like Home, I couldn’t help but be moved. But I also remember this posting, Baqubah Update: 05 July 2007, where the press is anything but impressive in its attempts at truth on Iraq! One of the posts I would love to see the American media and all media report on is Michael’s post, News flash for Osama bin Laden. I won’t hold my breath!

After reading Jennifer’s post and its comments, I went through my blog and pulled up several posts that addressed both the article Jennifer wrote and the comments. If you visit my blog often, you know that I usually put a lot of research into my posts and they can be rather long. That makes them hard to summarize. So I posted the titles with their links in response; but, the post wouldn’t accept. I assume it got kicked as spam. So here is my response. I hope Jennifer will take time to read these posts. If she reads only the very last one, “ Islam’s 20 Year Plan to Conquer America,” I’ll be happy! Read on:

I urge all milbloggers to go read Jennifer’s post. Be nice; but, give her your input!


~ by devildog6771 on January 21, 2008.

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