“Pledge of Allegiance” and Congress Under attack

I got an email today from the American Center for Law & Justice. They are helping Congress and others being sued to remove “under God” from the pledge. They are soliciting donations and support. I come into contact with so many organizations any more I can’t keep up with them all. This one seems legitimate.

I was wondering if the group filing the law suit is another one of the members of the “web” of leftist allied with the enemy and attempting to destroy our Constitution and our way of life with their leftist agenda.

I don’t give a damn what laws Congress might pass, I will say God as often as I like. If someone else doesn’t believe in Him, that’s their business. But I resent every law enacted to serve these minorities at the expense of the majority. I am equally intolerant of those religious zealots who feel their way is the only way.

It is time Americans stood up and spoke out. We will not let non-believers take away God. Nor will we allow “Salem” to be rebuilt or Muslims extremism destroy our way of life and enforce their religion on us!!


If the day ever comes when you’re not allowed to speak God’s name in public … we may have to look back at today as the day it all began.

I say this because the Freedom From Religion Foundation, represented by Dr. Michael Newdow, has launched a massive lawsuit – suing Congress itself, in federal court – to remove the words ”under God” from the Pledge of Allegiance.

Your personal involvement today is crucial. Please give a generous online donation to help us fight this outrageous lawsuit and keep all of our work moving forward.

Should this lawsuit succeed, this case could set the precedent for banning the name of God – erasing His name from any public mention – especially in the public schools.

We must take this threat seriously, and act now.

The lawsuit claims that the government is supporting a ”monotheistic teaching of the United States being one nation under God” – promoting ”the purely religious claim that we are one nation under God” – by including the words ”under God” in the Pledge of Allegiance.

And, they say, this makes the Pledge of Allegiance a form of ”coercion” aimed especially at schoolchildren.

In fact, in the lawsuit, the Freedom From Religion Foundation equates saying the Pledge of Allegiance with child abuse and neglect!

This argument is absurd. But the legal action is a serious attack on our American heritage, and we must stop it.

I urge you to give generously right now. We must speak out in Freedom From Religion Foundation v. Congress in order to preserve the existence of the Pledge!

The American Center for Law & Justice will file an amicus brief with the U.S. District Court in this case, representing members of our Committee to Protect ”Under God” as well as members of the Congress of the United States.

And we are prepared to protect the Pledge of Allegiance at all costs – which could mean defending this action all the way to the Supreme Court of the United States.

Members of our legal and legislative teams and I are already meeting with members of Congress on this issue. We have also begun the initial legal research and writing for the amicus brief.

Indeed, as we have already seen in previous cases, Dr. Michael Newdow is a formidable lawyer – a formidable opponent; so we must take this threat very seriously.

And the Freedom From Religion Foundation has expressed itself in very, very strong language – the most aggressive attack they’ve ever mounted.

No one can afford to stand by and ”hope for the best” in this case. We need every member like you to be a part of this effort by acting swiftly with your generous gift of support.

Join with me in this, a pivotal moment in America’s history. The future is on the line!


~ by devildog6771 on January 15, 2008.

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  1. Hi
    I am trying to rally the conservative troops to go over and NOT FLAME but comment on a posting I commented on and need to have other voices heard,,, yes I went behind “enemy” lines as I often do… go on oover and read it and help out if you can…


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