From Michael Yon – “Let Us Seize the Momentum in Iraq”

As you contemplate whether or not to support the latest Pro-War rally in D.C. on March 15, 2008 to counter the anti-war protest rally that day, maybe a report from Iraq by Gen. Barry R. McCaffrey, a professor of international security studies at West Point, Let’s Seize the Momentum in Iraq, will help you make the decision to come out and show your support for the troops and the war.

Gen. McCaffrey’s report, originally published by the Wall Street Journal on December 20, 2007, was also posted December 20, 2007, by Michael Yon in his On Line Magazine in his post, Let Us Seize the Momentum in Iraq.

“There are several profound changes taking place in Iraq. The Sunnis who dominated the country in the Baathist era have come to realize that al Qaeda was terrorizing their own community with a malignant and extremist form of Islam. The Sunnis also woke up to the fact that the Americans would eventually leave — and they would be soon out in the cold with little participation in an Iraqi Army or police dominated by Shiites and Kurds.”

If you have been following Michael’s recent posts from Iraq, Gen. McCaffery’s assessment agrees with Michael’s reports from throughout Iraq! Here is an excerpt of one of Michael’s latest posts in response to a press release by Osama bin Laden,”to guerrilla forces in Mesopotamia“:

“Al Qaeda terrorists can continue to murder Iraqis and Americans at the behest of Osama, but their tactics will only backfire. Osama will no more own Iraq than he will own America. His is a lost cause. Not because of decisive military defeats, (although these have helped) but because decent Iraqi people from all quarters, sects and regions of Iraq have had enough of his people cutting off heads of children.”

Go read both articles in their entirety. They provide an accurate assessment of events in Iraq from two people who actually witnessed the current progress firsthand, Michael as an embed with the American and British troops, the General from a tour he personally made of Iraq.

You will notice neither men made their reports based on information provided them as they holed up in a local Baghdad hotel as the MSM reporters like to do to ensure their safety!


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8 Responses to “From Michael Yon – “Let Us Seize the Momentum in Iraq””

  1. Well thank you TRM.! I got my boots shined and my uniform pressed, and Standing tall, lol! Know what you mean about making the rounds. I have had a lot of distractions lately and they have kept me from my computer. I feel lost when I am away too long!

  2. Keep up the good work D Dog, I haven’t paid a visit in some time and just wanted to drop in and make sure you were “dress right dress”…

  3. سلام بر دوستان عراقی
    دانلود شهر قصه

  4. BLT, I don’t do anything because it is “trendy!”

    JD, that is your right. You at least protected that right! Thank you for your service and sacrifice and that of your family. Welcome home!

  5. I do believe that I will celebrate my return to the U.S. from my second tour in Iraq by participating in the rally opposed to the occupation of Iraq in Washington D.C. on March 15th. Seems like a good way to exercise Constitutionally guaranteed rights. Dissent is patriotic.

  6. I’m glad you haven’t done what so many others have done. Engage in mindless Bush-bashing, and blaming of the US for all the problems in Iraq.

    This is refreshing. No Bush-bashing! After all…

    Bashing Bush is so Last Year
    Dr BLT
    copyright 2008 Right-wing Records
    [audio src="" /]

  7. If you read the articles then you know that would lead to everything going back to the violence. It’s too soon. The Iraqi Military and Police need time to finish training the rest of the necessary forces. You do want them to succeed, right?

  8. Then let’s leave now before we get more troops killed. The surge has cut Iraqui deaths from 800 to 500 a day, (yahoo) with no political settlement in sight.

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