Again We are asked to “Rally ’round the Flag” in Defense of our troops!

Again We are asked to “Rally ’round the Flag” in Defense of our troops! The anti-war crowd is holding another rally in D.C. in March. It is important to our troops, our allies in the coalition, and Americans here at home that there be a voice present that supports our troops. Otherwise they will all begin to believe that the anti-war communist and socialist crowd represents the entire nation instead of a small radical minority of people in America.

The Gathering of Eagles and several other groups supporting the cause have taken up that charge and is organizing a counter protest rally. This will probably represent the most important counteroffensive since the war’s beginning. As we draw done on the current Presidential elections it is important that voters become aware of who is doing what with regard to the war. It is important that voters have the truth, not just the antiwar, anti-Bush, and anti-American rhetoric filling the airways and media on a daily basis by the well funded anti-democracy crowd.

From the latest Gathering of Eagles Newsletter, “Americans Standing Up: Call to Arms for DC Troop Rally 15 March”:

Those who would disparage our brave men and women in uniform are planning to congregate in our nation’s Capital once again this coming March. On March 15, 2008, Gathering of Eagles, in coordination with Move America Forward, Freedom’s Watch, The Band of Mothers, Vets for Freedom, DC Protest Warrior, Eagles Up, Free Republic, New England Warrior and rank and file patriotic Americans, will come together to Support Our Troops and their in-theater commander, General David Petraeus.

You can help. Please pass the word and encourage people to come out in force and let their voices be heard in support of General Petraeus and our troops! Don’t let their radical, narrow minded view of the war and America be the only voice heard by our troops or the American public.

Come out. Show your support. Let your voice be heard on March 15, 2008 in D.C. Stand up and be counted.

credits: Gathering of Eagles

Move America Forward

Freedom’s Watch

The Band of Mothers

Vets for Freedom

DC Protest Warrior

Eagles Up

Free Republic

New England Warrior


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