One “Wounded Soldier’s” Christmas – Mother fired and Home taken while she is at son’s bedside!!

For one soldier at Walter Reed, Christmas will be anything but a time of joy. I got an email from Gathering of Eagles that I think we all should know about. It seems that one soldier at Walter Reed has no home to go back to because his mother lost both her job and her home because she was at Walter Reed taking care of her son!

I think that this is criminal. Sadly it isn’t an isolated situation. Please, any of you out there who can help Chris in his efforts to help this family, let GOE know. I am sure money will be a big factor. But, Chris can provide more specific details. Read on:

Selfless giving…an example for us all.

Posted: 18 Dec 2007 06:36 PM CST

Eagles: You might not know just what kind of National Director of Operations we have, so (without his knowledge or permission) I’d like you to see just how far out of his way he goes to take care of our wounded troops. Chris Hill sent this to me this morning (12/18), and I just can’t keep it to myself.

It concerns a wounded soldier at Walter Reed whose mom lost her job and house because she was taking care of him. Poor kid has nowhere to go and is taking things badly. Chris is trying to find a house in the Charleston, SC, area for the kid.

This is NOT in Chris’s job description, and he doesn’t get reimbursed. That’s the kind of guy he is.

Sorry, Chris; you shouldn’t do such nice things if you don’t want to get recognized at least every once in a while…

Larry Bailey


I’m supposed to talk to the mom later today. I’ll be at Reed Friday and will visit the kid personally. He is apparently taking everything badly; no wonder. He doesn’t want visitors, or cards, so I’m going to go visit as one infantryman to another and tell him I am on station and will remain so until we get him stabilized; whether he likes it or not. I’ll keep you posted. Manchu.

Chris Hill


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