John Edward woes!

I don’t particularly like John Edwards. I never did. But, I do believe the latest report on “possible” infidelity on his part and his supposed love child alluded to in the tabloids is a sleazy blog topic as none of the reports are confirmed. All information is based on “someone else said” this or “someone else said that” with no proof at all. Before you trash a man’s [or woman’s] career and marriage, there ought to be far more information than the tabloids. I other words, we bloggers ought to be better than that. Of course this “is” one way to scale down the Democratic Presidential playing field!!


~ by devildog6771 on December 19, 2007.

3 Responses to “John Edward woes!”

  1. After living in D.C. for over fifteen years and knowing a Capitol Hill police Officer, I know there is every chance the story may be true. However, before a post is written or a media story is released that has the shattering consequences of such a story, there should be supporting facts and not suppositions and innuendos!!

  2. I’m with Sean Hannity on this one — not believing it.

  3. […] devildog6771 placed an observative post today on John Edward woes!Here’s a quick excerpt […]

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