Leave our Santa Claus Alone!

No Prayer in Schools! We can’t fly our flag freely! Eminent Domain takes your home or personal property! No public display of God! No “Mangers!” No green and red Christmas lights! Banning bearing arms! Now Santa Claus is too fat and is giving our kids the wrong messages. Well, here are the messages I see our kids getting every day.

Prayer is about giving thanks to God for all He has bestowed upon us and for our lives. But, we can’t pray before ball games, at school in the mornings, or even do the Flag Folding ceremony at National Cemeteries for our fallen soldiers unless we do it behind closed doors or provide someone private to fold the flag like we live in a Communist country!

Our flag is a symbol of the freedoms in our nation guaranteed by the Constitution as unalienable rights granted by God to “all” people and fought for in 1776 by our fore-fathers. It is OK to burn it. We just have to be careful where we fly it like in a Communist country.

Private property such as a home are things we all aspire and work for. Eminent domain says even if you just paid thousands to buy or build your dream home, the government can condemn it and take your land for the public good even if the public supports your fight to keep it! Then a greedy developer can build a mall or housing project!

Christmas is about celebrating the birth of Christ. But we can’t show it. We have to hide our praises and artifacts of respect behind closed doors. We can’t have the manger scene on public land [owned by “all” Americans]. No display of the Ten Commandments and other religious or rather Christian faith displays on public or government property. Colored lights in public during the Christmas season might offend non-Christian faiths or people. We have to do these things at home or in private like we live in some Communist country!

As the people in America have the right under the Constitution to bear arms and to do what is necessary to safe guard our rights under the Constitution if any government fails to honor that document of freedom, even the right to bear arms against said government to defend that Constitution, legislators are trying to take away our right to bear arms. Since the first settlers landed in America civilians and civilian militias have protected America and Americans. Legislating away our right to bear arms denies one of our basic rights of protecting our person, home, and nation in times of need. Take away a peoples’ right to bear arms and the government can do as it pleases and take away our rights and we can’t fight back just like in a Communist country.

Now Santa Claus is giving our kids the wrong message because he is too fat. I don’t know any fat people, my self included who say, “I want to be just like Santa Claus!” as that Twinkey got stuffed in a fat faced mouth. All I remember is how darn good that gooey creme center tasted. Or, how refreshing that ice cold coke tasted.

Tell you what other messages our kids get. Every day they see adds on TV or on billboards telling or showing them how good all that junk food tastes at Wendy’s, MacDonalds, or Kentucky Fried Chicken, etc.. Think all those adds are directed to adults? Ever listen to your kids talk about their school lunch? Pizza Hut pizza and french fries! Add to that the fact that kids aren’t forced to participate in P.E.

Then most go to day care. Depending on where the day care is located and the quality of day care they may or may not get exercise. Since both parents usually work, they get home and generally eat around 6:00 to 6:30. That’s just barely outside the “no food two hours before bed time” rule! Tell me, where in all of this does a once a year vision of Santa encourage obesity in kids?

Leave the fat guy alone. If Europeans want to lean up their Santa, let’em do it! Just let us keep our fat old jolly guy! We love him as he is!


~ by devildog6771 on December 10, 2007.

2 Responses to “Leave our Santa Claus Alone!”

  1. They really do target our kids. The cigarette makers do the same thing. “Joe Cool” drew in a lot of young smokers. The clothing industry has long sexualized our kids at younger and younger ages. Other food industries, especially the breakfast industry does the same thing, targets our kids.

  2. Poor Santa!

    On the TV commercial thing. I tell my DD- Do you ever see a fat kid or adult in the McDonalds commercial? Who do you see in real life at McDonald’s? Only thin people? No, they are fooling kids and others to thinking that always eating at these places are healthy.

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