Welfare Fraud Prevention

We all know that Welfare was intended to help the poor in their times of need and also help them get back on their feet as productive, self supporting people with their dignity left intact. Many Americans have benefited from this program.

However over the years, Welfare has been greatly abused by people looking for a way to supplement their income or get out of working! If you go to apply for welfare and food stamps as I did when I first retired on disability there are two things you notice right away. First, there are huge lines and it takes forever. The second is the number of people who drive up with fancy expensive cars, clothes, and jewelry.

I couldn’t get any help even though I offered to have my first Social Security check sent to them to payback any help they gave me. It wasn’t allowed. My kids and I were broke for six to eight weeks. I made $12.00 too much because I filled out my forms honestly! I did get food stamps for a month which helped or we wouldn’t have made it. But every bill I had was late and that included utilities.

The first, the lines, is caused by the second, the fancy dressers decked out and driving expensive cars. The welfare frauds. Most of the people in those lines really need the help. But that second group, well let’s say they have found a way to beat the system and cheat needy Americans and those who don’t need help too. Welfare is paid for by all Americans through their tax dollars.

San Diego has found a very unique way to help put an end to most fraud. Of course the socialists and some well meaning have tried to do all they can to have the plan ended. The ACLU has fought long and hard to prevent fraud prevention programs. No surprise there!

TRM at Democrat Equals Socialist has a great post on this topic. Go read, FINALLY A GLIMMER OF HOPE TO ENDING THE “FAKE POOR” IN AMERICA!. See what San Diego has done to fight welfare fraud and ensure that the needy get help. Here’s an excerpt:

Project 100% sends investigator’s from the DA’s office into the homes of welfare applicants unannounced and with out a warrant. Since it is not a criminal search it needs no warrant. If the potential welfare recipients refuse, they could be denied that all important check.


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