African Americans take up the “torch”

I found a great post about a new trend in the Black American Community. Over at Democrat Equals Socialist, TRM has a great post about the Black American Community in America.

His post is called, “HOPE IN THE FORM OF THE AFRICAN AMERICAN REPUBLICAN”Here’s an excerpt:
To hear these Americans get together and share their reasons for why they are Republicans is something I could never hope to accomplish. That is why I ask each and everyone of you to let others know that there are black Republicans out there and we need more. The speakers at this conference should be able to best explain how the party of “give you a fish”(D) is an affront to the African American community and the “teach you to fish”(R) party is truly the path to a prosperous future for generations to come.
Go read the rest of TRM’s post. It is very encouraging indeed! All I can add is welcome aboard the freedom train!


~ by devildog6771 on November 27, 2007.

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