The Enemy Within – Another Person’s Point of View!

I want to point out a really great post by another blogger, TRM at I Hate The post, The Traitors in Our Midst, talks about the Socialists effort to take over America and their collusion with Radical Islam. Here is an excerpt:

Be careful what you wish for.

The Socialist(D) are actively seeking our surrender to radical Islam. The weapon of choice used by the enemy within (D) is incessant media coverage slanted to make our military look like oil hungry marauders, raping and pillaging at every opportunity. Have they forgotten the attack on our own soil in 2001? Have they forgotten the images of Americans being beheaded for Radical Islam propaganda? Are they deaf to the repeated promise by Radical Islam that calls for the destruction of the West and Israel? Correction, anyone including fellow Muslims, not bowing to their distorted, antiquated view of Islam. I say promise when most would say threat. Its not a threat people, its a promise that is actively being fulfilled in more ways than you know. I beg of you, stop treating those that wish to kill us with “kids gloves” and Political Correctness. Call a rabid dog a rabid dog and put it down. Its either us or them. Avenues of surrender and appeasement will NOT work, it will only serve to make us look weak and invite our demise.

Go read the rest of TRM’s post.


~ by devildog6771 on November 23, 2007.

2 Responses to “The Enemy Within – Another Person’s Point of View!”

  1. Hmm!! Now that is an excellent idea!

  2. I don’t agree with any Hill-Haters. Hatred is irrational. There is always enough hatred to go around. We need, we will support, and we will find, enough rational men and women to defend us, our values and our land. Hating only makes you a slave to hate. And the master you then serve, is justly yours.

    We need 40,000 more specialists of all branches who can speak the language, eat the food and fire the weapons. We need moral leadership on a worldwide scale. The moral intregity required of a Seal is enough, if applied consistently, to deter the poor resources of hatred and ignorance assayed against our cause.

    These are our finest Americans. Tested, trained, and proven. Let them show, transparently, the character of our homeland. Our character, our resolve, and our unceasing support. We are in stronger position to negotiate when our enemies know our strength reaches their door. Our American justice applies to all we encounter. Our resolve to honor our fathers and mothers makes us fearsome in battle and honorable in peace.

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