To the “do nothing Congress”: “Do you damn jobs or get voted out!!”

Sgt. Eddie Ryan and Mother

Marine Sgt. Eddie Ryan with his mom Angie outside of Helen Hayes Hospital after receiving his Purple Heart Medal.

Today I got an update on a post about one of my favorite people I like to write about, Sgt. Eddie Ryan.

BrianJ from Pine Bush
I visited Eddie last week, bring him his piece of the Marine Corps birthday cake. (A Marine tradition). He looks great – has lost weight – and has challenged me to do the same! His progress is amazing. He told me abpout runs with his dad, warned me that drinking beer would dehydrate me – he is everything the MArine Corps is about. His family continues to awe me with their faith and dedication to helping Eddie get better.

The VA continues to make recovery difficult – cutting therapy sessions back because, in the words of a doctor who never saw Eddie – “He has reached a plateau”. EVERY time I visit Eddie he has improved. Please led your Senators and Congresspeople know – we MUST take care of those who have paid the price for our freedoms. Pro-war or anti-war, we all owe these young veterans our thanks and our loyalty. SEMPER FIDELIS!

Nov 18, 9:49 AM

There is a site dedicated to helping Eddie Ryan. The site is called Help Eddie Ryan. There is a Pay Pal link on the site. I am sure the family always is in need of financial help. What the CA doesn’t cover is absorbed by the family. But Eddie needs other help too as you can see from Brian’s comments.

Eddie has had to fight for all the help he has gotten from the VA. Red tape and lack of training of states side VA doctors have been a constant battle. Our soldiers are coming home now with severe brain injuries and other severe trauma injuries that the VA isn’t equipped to handle.

The emergency treatment in the field, the new advances those doctors in the field and Germany have developed are saving lives of young men and women that previously would not have had a chance before. These advances have not just been in brain injuries but other previously fatal injuries.

In the two terms of the last administration military spending was constantly cut and added to domestic problems at home. This process of taking away from our military began after the end of Vietnam and continued over the years. However, Bernie Sanders, under Clinton, did all but strip it to the bones! Even now as we are at war with an enemy that means to destroy us and all we represent, Congress is playing politics with the military spending money.

Wars area terrible thing. They destroy nations. They eat up natural resources, the greatest of which is the young men and women of nations! It is criminal and negligent in the extreme to deny money needed for our troops and their families. The Democrats, led and controlled by the socialists, are determined to undermine our military and thus our troops. They want to tell the Generals how to fight the war. They want, in violation of the separation of powers in the Constitution, to tell the President how to fight the war!

T he Congress, again the socialists, want to pullout now. Just when the war is finally being won, they want to hold back funds for a time table to withdraw. Worse yet, they want to do this by the end of next year if not sooner. They want to approve a military spending budget in a piecemeal fashion, four months now, who knows how much time next time, every two months. This is absurd. This is a recipe for failure. Failure is exactly what they want. They want us to lose.

Don’t let Eddie down. Don’t let all our other injured down! Don’t let those in the field down! Don’t let those who have died, have died in vain. You don’t send troops to war without enough money to cover their medical treatment, their material needs, the needs of their families, and Generals and a President held hostage by a socialist Congress with an agenda other than defending our nation and helping another nation be free and Democratic.

Now the cowards can’t get their bills through Congress so they want to pick up their marbles like those “sissies” we called each other as kids! How else to describe their behavior. The Congress has taken the cowardly way out and is refusing to submit another bill until after the holidays even though our troops desperately needs the funding. Worse yet, they are supporting our enemy though their inaction by the morale boost the enemy will get from their treasonous conduct. Our Congress, those Dems- socialists who are trying to paralyze our military and troops and effectively make them impotent don’t know anything about our troops!

If they did, they would know our troops will simply thumb their noses at them and go about the business of serving and protecting. You better bet on election day, it will not be forgotten that this Congress tried to F#@k our troops and their Commander-in-Chief! I know I won’t forget.

So, those of you out there who support our troops, write your lawmakers. Make sure they don’t forget Eddie and all the other injured. Make sure they don’t forget our troops in the field. Make sure those who have died, didn’t die for nothing. Tell Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, Dick Schumer, and all those other socialists S.O.B.’s in Congress their actions or I should say in-action will not be forgotten.

Any troops who die on the field of battle as they play with the troops welfare and safety will be as if Congress itself pulled the trigger!! Send letters. Send emails. Call them. When they return, make sure they return to our scorn and contempt for their failure to pass the spending bill and for their failure to provide Eddie and all our injured with what they need.

No more talk! No more lies! No more anything but action. Do your damn jobs or we the people, will vote your @$$e$ out of office.


~ by devildog6771 on November 18, 2007.

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