It is later than you think!

From SIOE< comes one of the best posts to date, in my opinion, on the rise of Muslim extremism worldwide and the effects of the far left and their complicity with the Muslim extremists! Here is an excerpt of Sitemaster’s post, Is it later than you think?:

This is not a diatribe on individual peoples, SIOE do not believe that there are superior nations and inferior nations based on any genetic differences.

We do believe though that there are inferior belief systems, and evil ideologies.

Why would we as nations that have gone through our period of medieval barbarity and religious intolerance wish to return to those Dark Ages?

After the brave struggle for Universal suffrage why would women wish to disenfranchise themselves again and be shackled with inferiority, why accept subservience to religiously motivated male dominance!

All peoples of Europe, all our citizens from other countries who have chosen Europe as their home, this is a call to you. To all that love freedom, peace, and tolerance.

Wake up see the danger from our own liberal left, those who have sold our rights for a bag of beans! It is our duty to spread the word, to sound the warning, to wake up our nations and our peoples. Do not go quietly into the night as many have done, act now!

It is later than you think!

Please take time to read his post as it truly is, “later than you think!”


~ by devildog6771 on November 15, 2007.

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