Islam and the Nation-State

From The Jerusalem Post by way of Jihad Watch comes a related article, Our World: Islam and the nation-state. Read how Muslim extremism and appeasing nations threaten to destroy nation-states throughout the world. Surprisingly, the United States is included in that list of appeasers!

Here is an excerpt from Cathrine Glick’s article:

While domestic strife between majority and minority populations has been an enduring feature of democratic and indeed all societies throughout history, the current turbulence constitutes a unique challenge to the nation-state system. This is because much of the internal strife between minority and majority populations within states today is financed and often directed from outside the country…

Further down, she wrote:

MUSLIM MINORITIES throughout the world are being financed and ideologically trained in Saudi and UAE funded mosques and Islamic centers. These minorities act in strikingly similar manners in the countries where they are situated throughout the world. On the one hand, their local political leaders demand extraordinary communal rights, rights accorded neither to the national majority nor to other minority populations. On the other hand, Muslim neighborhoods, particularly in Europe, but also in Israel, the Philippines and Australia, are rendered increasingly ungovernable as arms of the state like the police and tax authorities come under attack when they attempt to assert state power in these Muslim communities.

We, the people, of the nation-states, must insist, no demand that our elected officials start acting responsibly. We must not allow the extremist within our own culture, the left or the right sway our determination to protect our nation. We must stop outside interference designed to make us fail. We must start working together within our country and with those nations outside our own to defeat this common enemy before it is too late. We must be both diligent and determined in our efforts as I said before!

Our troops are fighting and dying to protect our nation and others from the spread of Muslim extremism. In Iraq and Afghanistan, we must help these nations become stable and able to perform their own self defense. But, in those nations where the Muslim extremist are trying to divide nations and set up their own Muslim nations around the world. We must not allow this to happen!

If we do so, we threaten more and more nations with the same fate. All over Europe and the world, Muslims will move in, then try to again force that nation to allow the Muslim community to form a free, independent state or nation. At some point, the point of no return will occur. We must act now. We must be unified at home and abroad

Go read the entire article. It is an excellent one.


~ by devildog6771 on November 15, 2007.

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