Did the CIA record the interrogations of “enemy combatants?”

I found an interesting post at McClatchy about the CIA taping the interrogation of some high level al Qaida prisoners. Apparently some legal circles and the media consider this quite a “unique” opportunity for a first hand look at how our intelligence agency [ies] interrogate “enemy combatants” or prisoners of war! Wait, I forgot, this isn’t a real war. Phew, thank God for that! We certainly wouldn’t want to give the enemy all our secrets.

The article, CIA admits to recording interrogations of top al Qaida captives says that the CIA misled federal judges during the case against terrorist Zacarias Moussaoui.

The government’s letter said that “the CIA came into possession of the three recordings under unique circumstances involving separate national security matters,” leaving unclear whether the tapes show CIA interrogations or possibly questioning by agents of another country. At least one senior al Qaida member, Ibn Sheikh al Libi, reportedly was turned over to Egyptian authorities for questioning in 2002, but much of what he allegedly confessed proved to be false.

Well, did the CIA tape their prisoner interrogations or not? That is the question! I am so confused.

Prosecutors revealed the existence of the tapes in a letter to Chief Judge Karen Williams of the 4th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in Richmond, Va., and to U.S. District Judge Leonie Brinkema of Alexandria, Va., the trial judge in the tumultuous, 4 1/2 year prosecution of Moussaoui.

You know, the people in the Twin Towers, the Pentagon, and in the planes that hit them both and the one plane that was found in a field in Pennsylvania didn’t even have time to tell their families good-bye. Well, most didn’t. There were a couple on the plane that crashed in Pennsylvania who actually talked to their family just before they tried to over take the terrorists who had hijacked their plane. One cannot begin to imagine the hell and horror those poor people felt as they listened to the events aboard that plane!

“When the CIA discovered this material — and it was the CIA that found it — the agency brought the matter to the attention of the Department of Justice,” CIA spokesman Paul Gimigliano said. He emphasized that “there was no prejudicial impact on the defendant.”

There is always that relief. After taking four and a half years to try Moussaoui, it is unthinkable such evil could possibly wind up getting away with his crimes. Now, Moussaoui wants to withdraw his guilty plea! I thought all of these guys couldn’t wait to get to where ever they go and get their virgins!

Frankly, as I read the story, I am perplexed at the implied message in the title, that the CIA taped every interrogation and then had the nerve to lie in court about it. What troubles me even more is the expectation that between the courts in America and the Congress, the CIA, FBI, and all the agencies trying to safe guard us have their hands tied. I do not feel we should abandon all our rights in the Constitution.

However, during a time of war, there certainly ought to be an expectation that we must make some temporary sacrifices in order to allow our various agencies to do their job! In my lifetime, I don’t ever recall any President having the total lack of cooperation we now see in Congress and the courts. But, what can you expect when the Congress and the Judiciary have so many socialist members.

It is only one more move toward leading America to failure in Iraq, Afghanistan, and elsewhere in the War on Terror! This is all aside from their alliances with the enemy supporters and the monetary funding that has been sent to the enemy. Why don’t we just give up and surrender? If we aren’t allowed to defend ourselves, then what else is there to be done?


~ by devildog6771 on November 14, 2007.

2 Responses to “Did the CIA record the interrogations of “enemy combatants?””

  1. As I read the article, it appears that the title was mis-leading. However, how do pep[el suggest we defend our country against one of the worst evils we have ever faced. The Muslim extremist movement is so bad across Europe what with forcing their “religious right” to enforce “Shria [sp] law” that in England they now have a second court system. All across Europe in country after country, the Muslims are using the laws of each country to force implementation of their own legal system. Opponents are harrassed, beaten, or killed.

    As a result an organization has sprung up made up of nationals in each country fighting to get their rights back and stop the Muslim onslaught. It is called SIOE: Stop Islamisation of Europe.

  2. It’s shit like this that make me wonder if democracy is really worth it. Sigh, I love my country but I ain’t lovin’ what it’s been doing lately when it omes to this war.

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