An Aussie wants to know if we’re going to cut and run again???

Hear hear! If Mr Obama is ever elected, America should expect less assistance from friendly nations like Australia. If Australia contributes, and Mr Obama disparages the contribution as ‘not enough’, all the while planning to withdraw himself, what are nations like Australia to do? It would be irrational for them to contribute at all; one does not enter a war with a flip-flopper who demands more from others while planning to withdraw.While people like Mr Obama have support, America will either find itself fighting Vietnam over and over, or will withdraw into its borders, and won’t realize its folly until someone smuggles a nuclear bomb into Manhattan, and detonates it.

CaptainReality said this on November 12, 2007 at 2:27 am

Captain Reality is responding to a post I did back in February, Obama and Australia’s Howard – Opposing Views. Here’s an excerpt:

Obama has now entered the Presidential race. He wants to pull all the troops out in a matter of months if he is elected. Hillary and all the rest of the Democrats are all speaking out against the war. The spectacle is so bad that Prime Minister Howard in Australia chastised our politicians. He said that they were endangering the troop’s efforts and their lives. Obama was specifically mentioned. His reply to Howard was effectively butt out. You have no business interfering in American politics!

I believe Howard has a very valid point. The enemy hears the political discord and it doesn’t take a “brain surgeon” to see that the enemy is following our politics closely. Prime Minister Howard even went to so far as to say that the terrorists want Obama to win. I agree!

There is another aspect to all the political turmoil caused by the unreasonable Democratic demands for withdrawal. We are not the only country that is a member of the coalition. In my opinion there is no way the remainder of the coalition can complete the mission in Iraq and Afghanistan if American troops are withdrawn.

The same terrorist that are emboldened to step up their attacks against American troops are also attacking the rest of the coalition forces and Iraqi with equal furor.

Captain Reality is confirming what I have posted here several times before. We can no longer continue the status quo. We can’t bring all our troops home with their tail between their legs like whipped dogs! Fighting terrorism isn’t like that game of marbles we played when we were kids. You know, where the neighborhood bully joined in and started cheating so he could win you favorite shooter. We can’t just pickup all our marbles and go home!

Nor can we bring home all our troops and and let all the death and destruction occur in Iraq that will surely occur if we pull out all our forces. All those people who go around shouting from the roof tops, “It’s a quagmire! It’s Vietnam all over again!” Well, it isn’t; but, it will be if we prematurely pull out. We have an obligation to finish what we started. To see it through until the end!

We cannot negotiate with people who consider negotiations a weakness. Nor can we ignore the fact that the Islamic extremist mean to destroy or kill us. These extremist are raising their kids to do the same thing, kill us or convert us. In any event, they intend to destroy our way of life. They intend to establish a world wide Caliphate. They will not stop until they either succeed or we stop them. There is no room for discussion.

People can talk about moderate Muslims all they want; but, the Koran tells Muslims to do exactly what they are doing. Islam is anything but a Religion of Peace. Right now, throughout Europe and elsewhere, an organization has been formed by people in countries where the Muslims have migrated to their country and are gradually forcing their beliefs and legal practices into law by using the laws of the individual nations to their advantage. The organization is called SIOE, Stop the Islamisation of Europe Now!

I have links to them in my side bar. The top one is in English. I guess you could say this is a grass roots organization that has begun to protest and speak out about the way the spread of Islam is getting more and more wide spread. Check them out. Maybe it’s time for us to do the same thing here before it’s too late! Go support their cause. It is only by working together that we can stop the Muslim takeover world wide!

We must be united in our efforts. Instead of allowing our pitiful excuse for elected officials to let these people take over our country step by step through the our courts and legal system, we need to elect officials who will stand firm in this fight for our survival! That’s exactly what it is, a fight for our very survival. We can’t do it without friends like our Aussie allies. When Obama told Howard to butt out of our politics, he was wrong! Australia and our other allies need to know we’re in this together. We’re not going to cut and run.

No white flag diplomacy for America!!


~ by devildog6771 on November 12, 2007.

4 Responses to “An Aussie wants to know if we’re going to cut and run again???”

  1. I appreciate your offer. However, I am satisfied with my Christian, Catholic Faith! I did visit your site. It is very well done.Again, thank you!

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    it guide you to the truth.

  3. So do I. We can help assure this by speaking out, loudly, across the land!

  4. I sure hope there are enough of us who understand this to make a difference next November.

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