So the European Union wants to be a Super Power!

The Brussels Journal has an interesting post,
America Wake Up! Europe Wants to Be a Superpower
. The European Union has been in the works for some time now. In 2005, voters across Europe rejected the proposed “European Constitution.” Now there’s a new twist. A “Reform Treaty” has been drawn up and agreed upon by European the leaders of the 27 nations involved. “If the people won’t support your plans, then hell with them. Make an end run and do it any way!” The new Reform Treaty will not be put before the “people” for approval. Instead, the treaty will be put before the Parliament or governing body of each nation, bypassing the people. Why is that a problem?

Putting the treaty before the governing bodies bypasses the people and also presents a greater chance for ratification despite popular disapproval! Here are some key points as covered by

The 250-plus page Reform Treaty:
1.] a permanent EU president
2.] a European foreign minister
3.] a European Union diplomatic service
4.] EU nations to surrender sovereignty in many areas to centralized decision-making
5.] it reduces national veto rights to allow more decisions to be made by majority voting instead of by unanimous consent
6.] ordinary Europeans will not be invited to vote on the document
7.] centralization of political power by an unelected ruling clique in Brussels that wants to pursue its superpower ambitions free from the constraints of democracy
8.] EU countries hope quietly to seek ratification in their parliaments, a far less risky way than direct democracy of getting the document approved
9.] The EU is trying to ensconce a system of international law (based on its own image and on that of the United Nations) that it hopes will make it prohibitively costly in the realm of international public opinion for the United States to use its military in the future.

Notice that the European President is a permanent position! Another key point is that the European Union will be set up on the same model of pacifism as the United Nations. However the most important key issue is an attempt to form a “super” power” body to prevent the United States from using Military force when dialogue fails to resolve major threats to our peace and stability or world peace and stability.

Here’s my solution to the problem facing Europe. They don’t want our military bases. Take them all out of every city and country in Europe. Bring them all back home, every darn one of them. Then we’ll bring all of our guard soldiers home and put our active military in their place. Next, we’ll use our guard to completely close off our borders to the illegals stampeding into our country every day. We’ll strengthen our port security to prevent the influx of immigrants that mask the arrival daily of Muslim extremists.

Bring home our Navy and post them off shore here off America’s shores. All those ships now protecting the @##e$ of those European nations can be used to further strengthen our own ports here at home. With all the first hand experience our troops and Navel personnel now have fighting the terrorists, we will not only be trained; but, have the manpower and resources to easily protect our nation from the coming onslaught of Muslim Extremists that are about ready to take over Europe now.

The European nations can do what they have been trying to force us to do in Iraq, start pulling their own weight for a change. Damn, I forgot something. That won’t happen because ever since World War II, Europe has focused on the economic rebuilding of their individual nations and done “nothing” to rebuild their own military or provide for their own National Defense. They have allowed us to do it all for them. [Their choice,not ours!]

It appears that the main opposition to the United States’ efforts to curb militant Islam world wide is an unelected leadership in Brussels with grandiose ideas of becoming an international super power to impede American efforts. This unelected leadership prefers a non-Democratic approach because it is too constraining. If memory serves me, isn’t that why the original founders of America left Europe and came here?

How long will Europeans allow themselves to be subjugated? How many more rights will they give up for this elite class? How many more wars will they fight because of elitism? How much longer will Europeans refuse to fight for their freedom and their own sovereignty under the guise of pacifism promoted by these elites? I think that Europe has become nations of sheep because most of the bulls migrated here centuries ago! They brought the “family jewels” with them! I think that these European nations have become so used to having their “elite” speak and do for them, they can’t build up the backbone to do their own thinking. Meanwhile, the migration of Militant Islamic extremists increases daily.

Some useful suggestions for these Europeans to make their transition easier. Buy prayer rugs and place them in your closets until you need them. Every household needs to buy at least one copy of the Koran. Start reading it now. It will make your transition into Islam smoother. Build secret places for storing all your Christian trappings and to practice your real faith in secret. Make sure they are not detectable. If you read the “Diary of Anne Frank,” maybe you will get some ideas on the “do’s and don’ts!” Make sure you know what way to face during Muslim prayer five times a day. You can help achieve this more easily if you simply set up a schedule where you stop and face the right direction every day and just meditate over your up coming fate. Get rid of all your wine cellars. I suggest that you build your secret Christian worship place big enough that you can store some of your wine there.

Now, some further issues relating to economics and health. Get rid of all your extra clothes and jewelry. You won’t be allowed to wear them. Buy a supply of sandals now. Later they will be in demand. Get rid of your cars and get some horses or donkeys. Get rid of your fancy homes and build dilapidated looking shacks. When you buy those sandals make sure you buy at least two sets of those long gowns, head wrappings, and facial scarfs. Later, they too, will be in high demand. Don’t bother getting any immunizations. Get used to death now. Later it won’t be such a shock. Burn all your books, schools, museums, and any other cultural possessions you may have. Make sure you destroy or put in that “safe place” all your religious items.

The women can make their transition easier by practicing now seeing but not being seen or heard. Both men and women can practice now holding their heads in a half bow. Since you are not Muslims by birth you will only have second or third class status.

There are many other suggestions I can make; but, I don’t want to overwhelm you all with too much at one time. But, I will offer one last bit of advice, “get your heads out of your elite @$$e$ now or kiss your @$$ good-bye!”

If you want to be a real “super power,” then by all means do so! But, you have to earn it! You earn it by successfully building a Democracy that respects the rights of free speech, religion, and other basic human rights. You keep it by being willing to die to keep it if necessary. No one will give it too you! Talking and diplomacy will not always protect it, nor will apathy! Then every day you get up and you thank God for your liberty and freedoms because there is always someone else that wants to take away or destroy what you have out of jealousy and greed!

Lastly, you make sure that you have a well funded and trained military for those times you “have” to fight to defend your freedom. Then, you thank those men and women who serve in that military every day because they give up so much and risk so much every day to keep you free! You thank God every day for such men and women. You thank Him every day because you can!


~ by devildog6771 on November 8, 2007.

3 Responses to “So the European Union wants to be a Super Power!”

  1. Thank you, Opit, I think, lol! I may get a little rowdy; but, I like the dialog.

  2. […] devildog6771 put an intriguing blog post on So the European Union wants to be a Super Power!.Here’s a quick excerpt:However the most important key issue is an attempt to form a “super” power” body to prevent the United States from using Military force when dialogue fails to resolve major threats to our peace and stability or world peace and stability … […]

  3. Following the example of “fearless leader” I presume ?
    Good article. Time was troops were loyalty to the Constitution – not whacked-out draft dodgers.

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