Ten anti-Al-Qaida tribal leaders kidnapped in Baghdad

You can always tell how well the War in Iraq is going by who Al-Qaida in Iraq kidnaps! From CENTCOM, the reports from General David Petreaus have been very positive. The troops in the various regions have worked hard forging alliances between the Sheiks and Tribal leaders and the Iraqi Army and the Iraqi Police. Amazingly, this method of building up leadership from the bottom up has had a tremendous impact, or so it would seem.

The International Herald Tribune carried this story yesterday, “Iraqi Police: gunmen kidnap ten anti-Al-Qaida tribal leaders traveling home to Diyala province”.

The gunmen ambushed the two cars carrying the 10 men in Baghdad’s predominantly Shiite neighborhood of Shaab at about 3:30 p.m., police officials said.

The sheiks — seven Sunnis and three Shiites — were on their way back to Diyala province after attending a conference with the Shiite-dominated government’s adviser for tribal affairs to discuss coordinating efforts against al-Qaida in Iraq.

They were representing a so-called Awakening Council, as the anti-al-Qaida groups often are known, in the Salam area, due east of Baqouba, a former al-Qaida stronghold.

I saved this quote a while back:

“If you kill one innocent man..

It is as if you kill all Humanity!”

Quran 5:32

I am saying my prayers for the safe return of the tribal leaders.

It appears that there is no end to which Al-Qaida in Iraq will go to prevent peace in that nation. However, the terrorists may have made a very big mistake this time! As the terrorists continue to capture, torture, and kill more Iraqi people, the citizens of Iraq are becoming more angry at their actions. Presently, the Iraqi citizens, are showing less and less support for Al-Qaida. This kidnapping was certainly done to intimidate and frighten those Iraqi not supporting the terrorists. But, more and more, the Islamic extremists are beginning to look like the enemy that they are to the Iraqi people!


~ by devildog6771 on October 29, 2007.

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