Amidst violent attacks, pro-Democracy protesters in Europe speak out

Several times in the past week I have heard some of our leftists politicians say that Bush wants to start a war with Iran and will push us into WWIII. Do these politicians have their head up their @$$e$ or what? We are already in World War III. There are three fronts, the Islamic-fascists, the Socialist/Communist, and the Democratic front. In Europe the Socialist/Communist front has long been sinking in its claws. Now, on an even wider front the Islamic-fascists have begun to succeed in their European campaign. Both have very deep footholds already. Both have joined forces against Democracy!

In America, the Socialist/Communist front has woven an ugly web throughout our political system at local, state, and federal levels. The Islamic-fascist have begun their migration but not their takeover except in Detroit and a few other major American cities. But things have not reached the levels existing in Europe. The Islamic-fascists are dangerous but biding their time in America. But, as I have said before, there is a more insidious enemy, the enemy within, the Socialist/Communist, inside America that has slowly and methodically advanced as far as the very Halls of our Congress under the guidance of Communist umbrella groups in America.

Want to see where we are headed in America if we do not do something now before it is too late? Then go to SIOE Stop Islamisation Of Europe and read the post, “UPDATE on the Copenhagen demonstration: MURDER ATTEMPT ON SIOE/SIAD DENMARK LEADER AND MEMBERS”. The leader in a Pro-Democracy protest group and three other people on their way to a rally outside the Institute of Human Rights were nearly beaten to death. Make sure you read all the comments while you’re there!

Take a look at the side bar. All over Europe groups are rising up to resist the Islamic-fascist and the Socialist/Communist onslaughts that are eroding away Democracy and the rights of individual freedom. It would seem that America is not the only nation fighting the two front war. However, America is the only nation of any major power left to defend itself and support those fighters in the European nations embroiled in battle. Looking at the list of links in the sidebar ought to give us all here in America a wake-up call. The European nations have not supported the War on Terror as we had expected because they are held hostage by the Islamic-fascists and the Socialist/Communists political leaders robbing their nations of their individual rights and the ability to defend themselves!

I have put a copy of the links in the sidebar below. I think it is not a bad idea to check out those sites in Europe and keep up on their struggles to fight the Socialist/Communist and Islamic-Fascist groups in their respective countries and support their cause. This is a real wake-up call. As you read the words posted by the sitemaster describing the violent attacks on the protesters in Denmark fighting for a return to Democracy, keep in mind this is what we are in for if we do not do something in America to ward off both these groups of anarchists.

I, for one, prefer death over lack of freedom.


~ by devildog6771 on October 27, 2007.

4 Responses to “Amidst violent attacks, pro-Democracy protesters in Europe speak out”

  1. Good for Denmark! The Islamofascists are the racist ones. They are against the Christian Race, and the Jewish Race and the Buddhist race and the Atheist race and the…

    draw not Muhammad –
    Islamic law can only
    apply to Muslims…

    Muslims not bound by Buddhist
    Christian or Jewish doctrine

    absurd thought –
    God of the Universe says
    you have NO rights

    to hate religions
    that demand to convert you

    absurd thought –
    God of the Universe calls
    for sick ideologies

    that deny human rights
    KILL adulterers and gays

    absurd thought –
    God of the Universe says
    don’t learn about jihad

    wanting to know or teach it
    is RACIST say the WACKOS


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  3. Infidel Inside, thank you. Good luck to you guys. We all need to keep each other informed so we can put up a united effort against this evil enemy. Make no mistake, they are evil!

  4. Greetings dd6771. Thanks for your support in this impending dark era. At least our resistence is gathering pace in europe with more and more people waking up. SIOE is fast becoming a beacon for protest especially after the recent cowardly attack on SIOE leaders in Copenhagen. Once again thanks… Oh btw, I support your troops in Iraq and Afghanistan and watch their videos on youtube – FUCKING AWESOME.

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