The New York Times is blasted by New York Post Editorial for failing to report on MOH award!

I found an editorial today in the “New York Post” that bears sharing. The article,
“Unfit to Print”
, is a scathing commentary on The New York Times’ failure to report on President Bush’s decision to present Navy SEAL Lt. Michael P. Murphy the Congressional Medal of Honor for his leadership roll and sacrifices on June 28, 2005 in Kunar Province, Afghanistan

October 13, 2007 — Every major daily paper in New York took note of President Bush’s decision to bestow the first Medal of Honor of Operation Enduring Freedom on Navy SEAL Lt. Michael Murphy – a Long Islander who gave his life for his country and his fellow SEALs.

Every paper but one, that is.

;And it shouldn’t be particularly hard to guess which one.
I knew the answer here before the “Post editorial” went on to say:

By now, most folks know exactly how much The New York Times despises the U.S. military.

How it detests any mission that involves U.S. troops – whether to protect Americans by killing terrorists or to help stave off a bloodbath in the Middle East.

How the paper works tirelessly to promote its anti-war, anti-military agenda – even in its supposedly objective news pages.

Wow! Now that is a true, if not blunt, depiction of The New York Times. I cannot believe that the “Times” did not post a single word about Lt. Murphy being awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor. Murphy lived in New York. Can you imagine how his family must have felt over the callous exclusion of a single short story about their son.

What did the paper of record focus on yesterday? No fewer than three stories reported on how Americans had killed innocent Iraqi civilians.

Regarding the war, of course, the Times’ “coverage” was pernicious long before the fighting began.

Since then, it has focused obsessively on the mistakes and sins of American GIs (Abu Ghraib, anyone?) – and rarely has it played up U.S. victories.

Indeed, it would be hard to cite a news outlet more responsible for sapping U.S. morale – and emboldening America’s enemies – than the Times.

There can be no dispute here! This is neither an exaggeration, nor is it a surprise! The Times will publish every single story it can find that hints of U.S. troop misconduct. Before facts can be gathered to determine the validity of a claim, the Times has already found the individuals guilty. It has found the administration guilty. It has found the nation guilty!

There is no such thing as “due process” or “innocent until proven guilty” as far as the Times is concerned when it comes to our troops or the military in general! The Constitution is only valid for the Times to hide behind the First Amendment as it continues its treasonous policy of supporting the enemy through propaganda, exposing military secrets, and anything else that fits into the Times’ agenda of destroying the morale of our troops. In doing so the Times, aides and abets our enemy!

But Murphy was a New Yorker.

He served with unusual valor and distinction in Afghanistan.

When Taliban militants ambushed his four-man team in 2005, he risked his life scrambling to an open spot to radio for help. He got his call through, but was later killed in the battle.

Surely even editors at the Times could have had the heart to report – if not honor – such courage and self-sacrifice.

Unless, of course, they’re so blinded by their disdain for America’s fighting men and women and their missions that they just can’t muster the decency to do so.

That must be it.

Several days from now, the Times will run a story about how our four SEALs massacred two hundred enemy freedom fighters. As our SEALs’ life’s blood spilled into the rugged Afghanistan terrain, they truly lived up to their SEAL Motto. Lt. Murphy truly carried out his duties that fateful day, June 28, 2005 and lived up to this part of the SEAL “Ethos:”

I will never quit. I persevere and thrive on adversity. My Nation expects me to be physically harder and mentally stronger than my enemies. If knocked down, I will get back up, every time. I will draw on every remaining ounce of strength to protect my teammates and to accomplish our mission. I am never out of the fight.

Be with God Lt. Murphy. May your family be comforted by the knowledge that you lived up to the “Spartan Code” so much a part of your life as a SEAL. May they be comforted by the knowledge that you passing did not go unnoticed by those who count, the people you served and protected. Thank you, sir. Semper Fi!


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