Exposing the “big lie!”

Make the lie big, make it simple, keep saying it, eventually they will believe it. If you tell a big enough lie; and tell it frequently enough it will be believed. By the skillful and sustained use of propaganda one can make people see even heaven as hell. or an extremely wretched life as paradise. The victor will never be asked if he told the truth.

Adolph Hitler led a nation of millions into a type of frenzied, mass madness by using this philosophy! Unfortunately, it worked. In America today, we can, on close observation, see that a similar principle is in play.

First let me state a few givens. The public relies on the media to keep itself informed about events at home and abroad. Whether by reading the newspaper or listening to our favorite nightly news broadcaster, we trust the media to keep us informed! Unfortunately, that trust has been violated.

The media lost its ability to be true to its own code of ethics when the independent news outlets across the nation were bought up and built into huge networks by rich and powerful individuals. These individuals use the media and their money to control what information is presented to the public. In this manner those self same individuals attempt to control every aspect of our American life, especially politics.

We are all aware from our high school years that each state has so many elected Representatives based on population that serve in the House of Representatives. There are also two Senators elected by the people from each State who serve in the Senate. As elected officials, we assume these men and women will perform their jobs in a manner that represents the wishes of those people who elected them to office.

What we don’t know as individuals is just exactly how much specials interest groups and lobbyists use their money and power to affect the decisions of our elected Congressional members. In effect these groups cause or allow our elected Representatives and Senators to circumvent our public wishes. In the end, the public good is by passed for special the needs of those with the money who buy the loyalty of “our” elected Representatives and Senators! Our public needs and wishes have long been forgotten or ignored!

Our judiciary suffers a similar malady. The appointment of judges, even at the Supreme Court level, is affected by political climate, or to be more specific, which party is in control of Congress, the state, and local level governments. At the Supreme Court level, the amount of political influence by the wealthy special interest groups or individuals is as rampant as it in in Congress!

The rich and powerful people and organizations that influence our American politics have many different goals. Most are self serving in one manner or another. Unregulated or monitored all can or are dangerous threats to our freedom and rights. But, in my opinion, those who do what they do for the public are often the most dangerous.

The Socialist efforts are the most dangerous of all. Their goals are supposed to be for the public good. They are supposed to be promoting social equality on all levels for all people in the nation. What they never seem to be willing to do is spread around their wealth in this equalization process. They just get richer. They are the epitome of all that they denigrate! If they put as much effort into dealing with their own self hatred or quilt over their lofty social position as they do into trying to tell us what is best for our life, the world would be a much better place on which to live!

I will not contest that they have contributed to many good changes. But their ultimate goals rob the individual of dignity, hope, and the satisfaction of personal achievement. I often wonder if these people lack the ability to see these basic human needs because they never had to work for anything or forgot how good it felt to attain their goals. Irregardless of their reasons, they continue to push America towards a Socialist lifestyle away from our Democratic one.

One of the creative means they use to push their philosophy down our throats is to apply the simple dictates above in Hitler’s remarks. Another tool they also use to turn the focus from themselves and their flawed doctrines is to redirect the focus to their opponents. In actuality they are still using the above principle by taking it to another level. Before their mis-deeds can be found out or proven, they start accusing their opponents of mis-deed. Spoken loudly enough and often enough, their words take on a momentum of their own.

For instance, if they keep telling us that the war is lost, President Bush’s policy is flawed, oil is the reason for the war, yaddah, yaddah, yaddah, people begin to believe them. The public neglects to check out the facts for itself. Since the media is owned or strongly influenced by the same rich and powerful individuals, the media becomes complicit in this propaganda campaign.

Those Socialists elected to our Congress continue this rape of the American way of life. They take every measure legally alloyed them to tear our nation down. Then when all else fails, they further their cause by applying Hitler’s philosophy mentioned above. They pass laws to tie the hands of our leaders and our troops. The refuse to pass laws that help our leaders and our troops protect our nation from an enemy that wants to destroy us.

They aide and abet our enemy at every turn, They say they do this form our own good. They say they support our troops. Everything they say and do has a direct opposite effect or result. Their organizations [umbrellas for world socialists organizations] sponsor and organize protest marches and civil unrest. Their paid protesters and agents go out into our local communities and spread the same dissent and rhetoric as their members who have managed to get themselves elected to Congressional office and appointed to our courts do at the upper level.

We Americans can no longer sit by on our complacent behinds and let this continue. We must start to become more informed, stop blindly following like sheep, and start doing like responsible adults. It is time to take back America while we still can! It is time we started to really support our troops instead of paying lip service. It is time we started taking back what our forefathers fought and died for!

They did not come to America all filled with hopes and dreams to build and shape a free nation so we could give it way without a fight! We need to take back America, support the President, General Petreaus, and our troops!


~ by devildog6771 on October 5, 2007.

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