GoE Update and action alert – Let’s rally for the 15th.

 UPDATE: I sent out my emails. I also sent a copy of the flyer so it can be passed around.

It is no secret that the Internet is a virtual goldmine if you know how to use it. Well, I’m no expert but I do know how to write posts and I do know how to send emails. Sept. 15, 2007 is “Our Day!” But we still need funds. We have two days to raise the rest of our funds we need.

Here’s my plan. Each of us hit our email list and ask each of the people on our email list do the same. Ask each person who is able to donate $1.00. If I send to all my people and ask them to send $1.00, that might get about $20-30.00 [optimistically speaking]. If each of those 20-30 people each send email requests to say 20 people, that’s 20×20=400. If each of that next group of 20 does the same thing, and so on then you can see we can quickly amass quite a bit.

Of course I know it won’t be that easy. But I really think we can do this. The only problem I see is some of us may get sent more than one email. But it can’t hurt to try. We can refine our search as we learn how this is best done for our future events.

If MoveOn.org can raise nearly a million in 24-48 hours, we can surely raise several thousand.

So, that said, let’s do it! If we are fortunate enough to raise extra, then we are ahead of the game for the next rally already set up by the anti-war crowd. By the way, I already donated my donation!


~ by devildog6771 on September 13, 2007.

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