What’s the Anti war Crowd up to Now?

September 10 and September 15 are both fast approaching. Personally, I wouldn’t miss September 15 for any reason other than my demise! I hope to also be there on September 10.

From all accounts that I have read, there will be a huge turnout of people from Gathering of Eagles and other groups from across the country. We are obviously having an impact as the leader of one group now making their way across America to D.C. has received death threats.”



Moonbats Threaten Move America Forward-GOE Caravan

by: Kit Lange

Eagles! Don’t let these people interfere with Melanie and her Move America Forward caravan!

It has come to our attention that our good friends at Move America Forward are being targeted by the anti-American left. It is not enough that these ultra-liberal forces think it fine to disparage our men and women in uniform. They are now targeting our supporters as they make their way to stand with us in Washington, DC, on 15 September.

They have threatened Melanie Morgan personally and have used the vilest language to harass our friends. Obviously, they have underestimated our resolve and the resolve of our friends in Move America Forward. This is their last-ditch attempt to derail the
counter-protest we have in store for A.N.S.W.E.R.

Turn out in force to welcome Move America Forward as they make their way across the country. These people must be reminded that the silent majority is silent no more!


Melanie Morgan, Move America Forward responded to our quick offer of support :

A Message to Eagles From Melanie Morgan

by: Kit Lange


From: Melanie Morgan, Move America Forward
To: Eagles Everywhere!

I want to thank Eagles from across the country who have read and responded to Kit’s alert about the death threats against me.

When I receive these e-mails I just shake my head and wonder –when did it become so wrong and reviled in this country to stand-up and be counted as a proud patriot, someone who loves her country and the men and women who selflessly serve it? What goes through the mind of these sick, twisted individuals when they threaten to kill me, my husband, my children and say disgusting things that they are too chicken(bleep) to say out loud to anyone else?

It matters not to me. I am protected by a forcefield of love from above, and here in this wonderful country.

We are all blessed to be part of a larger movement to honor and recognize the TRUE heroes—the guys and gals I had the honor of meeting in Iraq, those who are serving in Afghanistan and faraway bases across the globe and who served honorably and with distinction in past wars.

None of us can rest until we gather together and soar in Washington, D.C. September 15th, or throughout our tour across 27 cities of America that begins this Monday in Carson City, Nevada.

This is by far the largest task Move America Forward has undertaken, but we are joined YOU– Gathering of Eagles, Eagles Up, Vets for Freedom, Freedom Watch, Military Order of the Purple Heart, and dozens of other pro-troop organizations WHO UNDERSTAND THAT WE MUST WIN THIS WAR, OR LOSE THIS COUNTRY.

Come join us! Besides being a ton of fun (meeting other patriots) you are watching the backs of our soldiers while they watch ours! It will be your legacy to your children and grand-children!

With Warmest Regards,
Melanie Morgan
Move America Forward


I don’t know about anyone else; but, all these dirty tactics do for me is make me more determined to be there Sept 10, 2007 and Sept. 15, 2007. I refuse to be intimidated by these anti-American cowards and their followers. If I learned anything from their conduct and initiatives for “peace’ in the sixties, it is that they will stop at nothing to have their way. They are fanatics, the worst kind of activists!

They prey on minority groups and use their cause to elevate their stature. But, in truth, they care as little for these groups as they do for the rest of America. They have but one goal, a unified, single, world governance based on socialism. Private property, free speech, freedom of religion, the pursuit of happiness, the right to bear arms, to name a few are rights they do not and will not grant if they succeed.

They invade our nation at this time on every level from locally all the way up to the very halls of Congress. They think they have won America. They think they will elect a “progressive [socialist] president and then be on their way. How very naive they are? How very arrogant? You see, they don’t realize that Americans are not as blind and apathetic as they appear at times. When the s–t hits the fan, we wipe off our faces and throw it back from whence it came!!

So, bring it on, A.N.S.W.E.R.! We will meet your challenge and that of all your weak -kneed supporters and allies head on. We are not afraid of your death threats. Neither are we stupid. Your threats will only serve to mobilize more of us into action. We will show you how to peacefully protest as you squirm under the “Talons of the Eagle’s Claws” in your back as you crawl your way back under the rocks from which you came.

While you need fancy and expensive sound equipment and props to shout out your vile anti-American rhetoric, we require no such props. Our voices spring from deep within the heart and soul that is the spirit of every freedom loving American. “We will no longer be silent. We will no longer turn a deaf ear. We will no longer do nothing. You have awakened the sleeping dragon.

You will feel the fiery heat of its flame on your a–es all the way back to where you came from as you slither away into you pathetic little holds and await your next trek into the light to spread your messages of hate filled venom!






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