“Mourn Me When I’m Gone

Mourn me when I’m gone
it’s only normal you’d be sad;
Cry, despair, rant at God
for the son or daughter you once had.

But, don’t make my death meaningless
don’t take away my pride;
I fought for your freedom
That’s why I died.

It wasn’t about politics
whose way was wrong or right;
It wasn’t about making corporate millions
that I thought about in the stillness of night.

What I died for had a deeper meaning
it went to my very core;
I died for love of country
like thousands who died before.

When you look out your window
every morning when you rise;
look at all the beauty to behold
through your tired and bleary eyes

When you go to work each day
what do you see out your rear window;
Do you read your evening paper at night
then watch your favorite show?

Later that night as the quiet settles in
do you check on your kids and turn out their night light;
As you settle beneath your covers
is there a feeling that all is right?

Saturday mornings as you watch your kid play ball
did your kid get a hit and your heart swell with pride;
Two batters later when a batter hit it deep
did you clap loudly when he made it home in a slide?

You see , these were the reasons I came here
this is why I died;
All the freedoms and beauty here
I protected with great pride.

Our fight in Iraq is deeper than politics
it’s more important than who sits in the president’s chair;
It’s more important than one soldier’s death
It goes even deeper than your loss and despair!

Let’s be clear about what I am trying to say
I fight freedom’s enemies around the world;
those who would destroy and kill us
and take away our right to whom we pray!

lease don’t dishonor my sacrifices and my death
Don’t hide behind your own grief and despair;
Don’t endanger my brothers ands sisters in arms
Don’t negate the ideals we all share.

Don’t let those enemies at home who say they’re antiwar
Use your grief and pain to undermine our fight;
Burning our flag, mocking our deaths to advance their cause
They don’t love America or care what’s wrong or right!

Beware of those who use your grief and pain
and tell you all that’s wrong and evil in our homeland;
They drag our flag on the ground and their red one is waving
Destroying our Constitution and country is where they really stand!

So as you grieve my death and wallow in your self pity
As our soldiers are dying on the fields of battle
Don’t shame my efforts and those of my brothers and sisters
by believing their treasonous prattle.

Instead, make my death and theirs meaningful
honor my death and their sacrifices is you must;
But, don’t allow your grief and despair over my death
demean my sacrifice in a course that was just!

September 10 and September 15 are rapidly approaching.If you can donate to the cause, please do. It is important that as many people as possible support the Gathering of Eagles counter rally in response to A.N.S.W.E.R.S.

There have already been death threats to some who support the Eagles. These anarchists may think they will frighten us all away. They are in for a rude awakening.


~ by devildog6771 on September 4, 2007.

One Response to ““Mourn Me When I’m Gone”

  1. Hooah! Don’t appease those suckers! Take plenty of pictures and publish them! Get the word out that there are people who support the war and support the soldiers and won’t be trampled on by the jane fondas, the cindy sheehans and the chickens of this world.

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