Say it ain’t so!!! No more Andi’s World… Sigh!!

Andi at Andi’s World is going to discontinue blogging on Andi’s World. Andi will continue organizing the Milblogging Conferences. However, as a result of her blog, Andi’s World, Andi has found many other important ways to aid and support the troops.

Go over to Andi’s blog and read her fare well post Bitter Sweet. Offer her your thanks for her blog and support on her newest venture. I won’t spoil her post by telling all here. Milbloggers will certainly be losing a wonderful blogger! Best to you Andi. We will miss you!


~ by devildog6771 on August 31, 2007.

4 Responses to “Say it ain’t so!!! No more Andi’s World… Sigh!!”

  1. So right Patriot. There is that. Sigh!!

  2. I’m going to miss her… she was my original inspiration. At least there’s Spouse Buzz!

  3. Mom, she sure is. But, as long as she is with us all somewhere it’ll be OK.

  4. Yep! Sure going to miss visiting Andi’s World – but she’s doing so much good with SpouseBuzz, among zillions of other things. She is just darn amazing, she is!!

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