Why Gathering of Eagles needs you on September 10 and September 15 in D.C.

With General Petraeus reporting to Congress on the progress of the “surge,” it is important that we tell Congress why it needs to support the war effort and our troops. For a really great explanation of why GOEIII will be going to D.C. September 15, 2007 [and September 10], read what Oneolcop wrote on the GOE forum:

Oneolcop, 10:02 pm, July 12, 2007

EAGLES UP! Much has happened since that cold March day when we gathered, angry and determined at the Vietnam Memorial. We know that from the earliest days of this country there were citizens who believed that we had no reason to fight England. Over the following two centuries Americans marched in the streets to demand that America avoid war at all cost. During WW-I hundreds of thousands of citizens demonstrated against our involvement. During the 1930’s many carried signs demanding peace at any price. During the Korean and Vietnam wars, protesters came out like cockroaches out of the wood-work. History has proven them wrong! Today’s reality is chilling: America has been attacked repeatedly. We will be attacked again? Unfortunately YES! American apathy can and will lead to our downfall. Many Americans are sitting idly while our enemy, yes OUR ENEMY, International A.N.S.W.E.R., is planning another massive march on Washington DC on September 15, 2007. Who is it that will benefit from this demonstration? Certainly our enemies will be emboldened. Are we really prepared to submit to those who think nothing is worth fighting for? None of us seeks war, but none of us has a right to be free, unless we are willing to fight for that freedom. IF YOU WERE THERE AT OUR MEMORIAL ON MARCH 17, DON’T LET OUR EFFORTS BE IN VAIN! IF YOU WERE NOT THERE, THIS IS YOUR CHANCE TO JOIN OUR GREAT CAUSE! We are engaged in a war for the world. We know that the enemy wants to bring the battle home to America again if we give up and allow the left to manipulate congress into giving up the fight JUST AS THEY DID FORTY YEARS AGO WHEN THE MOBS RULED THE STREET! The truth is that we are worn down, maybe a little discouraged by our political leadership and perhaps waiting for the inevitable, like gladiators who have fought too many battles. WE ASK YOU TO GET ON YOUR FEET FOR ONE MORE BATTLE! COME TO WASHINGTON DC ON SEPTEMBER 15TH 2007 TO MEET OUR ENEMY “HEAD ON” IN THE STREETS. Show your patriotism. Be part of this historic GATHERING OF EAGLES! Let us stand together like the Greeks at Thermopile: WE KNOW that we will never be alone so long as one warrior stands by our side. WE KNOW that, should our country fall, we will not be among those who did nothing to prevent it. WE KNOW that the fate of this nation hangs in the balance! If we do not stand for what we believe in; freedom, free speech, family, God and country, these gifts of the Almighty will be taken away. WE KNOW that when we go to our Maker, we will be able to say, “Lord, You know that I am an imperfect man, but in the end, I did my best to serve You and my country”. That the fate of this nation hangs in the balance! If we do not stand for what we believe in: Freedom, free speech, family, God and country, these gifts of the Almighty will be taken away.


~ by devildog6771 on August 26, 2007.

4 Responses to “Why Gathering of Eagles needs you on September 10 and September 15 in D.C.”

  1. Tantor, always a pleasure. I have always enjoyed your blog. Your posts are well written and often touched with a bit of humor. I think that is what makes your blog so palatable. I remember your post way back when, when the protesters used empty flag draped coffins. That too was an exceptional post.

    I encourage everyone to go read Tantor’s coverage of the GoEIII counter protest. It is truly awesome. His pictures are wonderful!

  2. Git yer GOE III pix here:


  3. I’m with you. I am outraged at John Warner’s latest remarks. I think he is getting senile! It seems there are a lot of elected officials who will do anything to get elected, even sell out our country and jeopardize our freedom! They all give aide to the enemy! There is a word for what they are doing and it is spelled “t-r-e-a-s-o-n!”

  4. It’s going to get really nasty in the coming weeks between the dhimmi politicians and the dhimmi media, what with their ramping up their untruths and biases. Can’t you just see the enemy all tuned into their TV sets watching the divisions widening in this country. Makes me sick to think that they are sitting there laughing and applauding every time one of our dhimmis speaks about “a new course in Iraq” (read defeat).
    We need to show them that the dhimmis do not speak for a lot more of us than they care to realize.

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