Americans Against Passage of HR 2956 – If you support the War and the Troops, why haven’t you signed??

Last month a petition was started by Gabrielle at Gathering of Eagles. The Petition, Americans Against Passage of HR 2956, was designed to encourage Congress to reconsider HR 2956. Here is the wording:

“On July 12, 2007 Democratic leaders engineered a 223-201 passage of legislation requiring the withdrawal of U.S. combat troops to begin within 120 days, and to be completed by April 1, 2008. The measure envisions a limited residual force to train Iraqis, protect U.S. assets and fight Al Qaeda and other terrorists.

The vote generally followed party lines: 219 Democrats and four Republicans in favor, and 191 Republicans and 10 Democrats opposed.”

I am confused and maybe even dismayed. You see, I thought this was a good petition. I thought this was our chance to show Congress that Veterans and active Military forces were against HR 2956. I thought we wanted to stay in Iraq and finish the job. Keep the war away from America. Keep Iraq from falling to the enemy, which it will surely do if we leave Iraq right now or three months from now. Personally, I have neither read nor found any indication that Iraq will be stable enough for our troops to be withdrawn by April 1, 2008! I also had not heard or found anything to support that “limited a residual force” left there “to train Iraqi troops, protect U.S. assets, and fight A-Qaeda and other terrorists” will succeed in anything more than the death of the members of the residual force and defeat in Iraq.

So, why is it that only “514” people have signed the petition to date? Are we wrong in believing our troops disagree with HR 2956? Do our troops support HR 2956? In our attempt “to support the troops” have we not listened well enough to what the troops really want? I don’t think so. But, maybe I am wrong! If I am not wrong, then why aren’t troops signing the Petition?

I really want to know! Do you troops agree or disagree with HR 2956? If you disagree, then, please sign the petition.

What about you guys back home who support our troops, the War in Iraq, and the War on terror? You all talk about supporting the troops and their mission. Then why haven’t you signed this petition. When General David Petraeus goes with U.S. Ambassador to Iraq Ryan Crocker to Washington to give their progress report, it would be great show of support to be backed by this Petition!

On September 10 and 15, 2007, Gathering of Eagles goes to Washington. It would be awesome to also carry a petition signed by thousands of veterans and troops and other Americans supporting the cause of victory in Iraq. Victory in Iraq brings us closer to defeating the enemy that wants to destroy our great nation. Time is running out. Please, let’s get some names on that petition.

If you doubt the effectiveness of the latest effort to rout the enemy read these dispatches from Michael Yon from the front line. They start with the first day of the surge:

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