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I am not going to stop blogging. I don’t have a very big following like a lot of forums but I do enjoy those who come by. But, mostly I enjoy feeling I am in some way supporting our troops. Like with anything we do, we can get a feeling of straying from our intended purpose. Lately I have felt that way with my blog. I couldn’t understand why one post drew so much attention and other post that I spent lots of time and effort on barely drew attention. Then it dawned on me that I was looking at everything all wrong.

If a post drew a lot of responses I had hit a nerve or a need. That is why I added a forum. I saw a need for military families to seek and give support when cheating occurred. With multiple deployments, even if more cheating doesn’t occur, the fear is more pronounced.

Other than the welfare or safety of the deployed and likewise for those at home, the welfare of the family or a future family is of paramount importance to all soldiers and veterans. The monumental stress of war and deployments make this an issue that can not be ignored. The same thing applies to the constant blackouts that occur, and PTSD. I realized that there are many ways to help our troops and their families.

But lately with the political rhetoric and threats to stop funding and or stop the war, along with the everyday stress of defending a country gone mad, our soldiers and their families would begin to have greater needs on a more personal level. Support during crisis of any type is a crucial part of handling the job of soldiering effectively.

These are my thoughts on this topic. Let me hear yours. Check out the forum. Let me know what you think. Be honest. That is the only way I or any supporter can help you all. This is for you, our soldiers and your families. God Bless you all and thank you all for your faithful and continuous service even though at times it seems we back home are clueless!


~ by devildog6771 on August 19, 2007.

10 Responses to “Blogging and a forum”

  1. it’s wonderful that you still support the troops this way. The forum was a wonderful idea, and once it gets off the ground it’ll become a great support system.

  2. You are right of course. Right in all that you say. Right that you too have shared your frustrations. I think it all started for me when the milbloggers on the front became fewer in number due to the OPSEC Regs. The only news is from Michael Yon and a few bloggers in theater. We are stuck with the lies and the anti=war nut cases. I have been getting a lot of flax at home from some family members, too, about my blogs. I think to myself if these people of all people can’t see what is going on, is there any hope. I often get frustrated too by the number of other people here at home who really don’t see or want to see that we are in danger from the Islamic Terrorists/fascists and those behind the antiwar effort. But, more important and deadly of the terrorists are those behind the movement in America. The in-roads they have made into every fabric of our political, judicial, and Congressional area is startling. Add to that the ACLU, Labor Unions, the largest of which is the one for government employees, the NEA and these people have a subtle but direct input to our job market, financial security, and the minds of our children.

    Now we also have a Speaker of the House who is a member of DSA and a former Officer of the Progressive Caucus, the DSA initiated effort to set up house in the House of representatives.

    There are none so blind as those who will not see!

    But, I’ll be OK. See, I do this all for our troops. But, I also do it all for my country. My service did not stop with my Military ETA. That was the beginning.

  3. You KNOW, devildog, that I also have days when I feel totally adrift and wonder if what WE do is worth it. I have written on this very issue – but, in a stroke of Divine Timing – always – comes support and encouragement. Sometimes from the most unexpected places. OR, I get an email from the sandbox like the one I got just yesterday, that tells me of the latest casualties, sorrows, and I KNOW I have to keep going. I don’t know if in the larger scheme of things my small voice blogging will make a long term difference, but I do hear every day almost that our troops, and their families, KNOW what I do, and that it matters to them. And that IS why I committed to Tanker Bros… For THEM…So, as I wrote just this week:

    “Everything I do, I do it for you….”.For me it is that basic…until they ALL come home. THAT is my oath and my mission. We are all in this together.. Fighting the good fight..

  4. Hey, thank you Patriot. I know what you mean about blogging. It gets in your blood. I don’t plan to give it up. I am just getting frustrated about how sometimes it seems we don’t make a difference here on the homefront. These people have managed to really draw in some big bucks in support of their cause. There are so darn many fanatics who have differing agendas who have joined forces: the commies, the fascists, the socialists, the globalists, and all have people with huge fortunes to back them. I am at a loss as to what happens to the brain of well educated, rich people who wreak so much havoc on the world because “they” know what is best for everyone else. They will go to any extreme to force people into a way of life they feel is best for you.

    I believe it is all about power.

  5. Don’t give up blogging. I stop by occasionally (I mean to more, really!) and really enjoy what I read. I quit blogging awhile ago, and just couldn’t resist starting back… I find it semi-therapeutic. Never give up. What’s that saying? Oh yeah, Semper Fi. 🙂 Oorah, Devil Dog.

  6. Thank you Brat. The forum is off to a slow start; but, I haven’t sent it to Google or anything like that.

  7. I’m with you on this one – thank you for ALL that you do..

  8. Thank you Mom. Uncle Buck, I hope so. I have been trying. Thank you for your support.

  9. You’re doing a great thing–Keep up the good work.

    Sua Sponte

    Uncle Buck

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