Read a Sample Chapter of “House to House”

“House to House” by SSG David Bellavia with John Bruning is a soldier’s accounting of the house to house battle to retake Fallujah. I just read a sample chapter. It is absolutely riveting from the first sentence.

The book will be out on September 4, 2007, from Free Press/Simon and Schuster. Support our troops. Go to the first link above to find out about purchasing the book. The second link will take you to the page on the website that has a sample copy of the book. Once you read it, I am sure that, like me, you will find it a great read and want to buy the book.

“House to House,” by SSG David Bellavia with John Bruning – I can’t wait to buy my copy!

~ by devildog6771 on August 16, 2007.

4 Responses to “Read a Sample Chapter of “House to House””

  1. Craigthegrunt, I checked out those links. I had to edit the first as it didn’t work. I remember reading the last link when it came out. I’m a little confused why you included the third link?

  2. go to, and google TIME MAGAZINE:Into The Hot Zone (Nov 2004)

  3. Wasn’t it though. I just loved it. Thank you, Karl, for your kind words.

  4. This book is stinking amazing. I never heard of this guy. He is nominated for the Medal of Honor. Does anyone know what he did? Guess I have to wait for the book, huh? Thank you devil dog for introducing me to this. And thank you for all that you do for our men and women in uniform.

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