Hello Iraq now has a forum.

I started a forum. I got the idea from one of my posts that has been staying at the top of the most viewed list for weeks. One of the commenters was a young lady whose deployed boyfriend and two of his buddies were injured by an IED.

The poor thing was worried sick until she finally got word he was OK. His initial call to her was after his injury and he was medicated for pain. I think we all know how much sense we make while medicated at times. It occurred to me that there must be many men, women and families at home during the NOK Blackout who really could use support from each other and others. I don’t think I have seen any forums with a board just for this group.

The discussions about cheating by both those deployed and those back home have caused this single post to steadily increase in viewership. So I created a forum with many sub forums. None are permanent right now. I can add or take away at will. I have already decided to consider dropping some sub forums. Free Republic and a few other really great forums already provide a wonderful forum for many topics.

Anyway, take a look at the forum, “Hello Iraq Forum.” Tell me what you think. I really would like to have some Mods run their own forum within the limited content of the main forum rules. In other words, I am pretty flexible as long as certain standards of proper conduct are observed.

If you are interested or like the forum let me know. Have a suggestion for topics, what to drop, let me know. Want to have your own board, let me know. I’ll probably say yes if you blend in with the main theme, supporting our troops and the war!


~ by devildog6771 on August 14, 2007.

10 Responses to “Hello Iraq now has a forum.”

  1. I think you are right!

  2. Apparently we are still out of the loop to his/her specifics Devildog. Just plain weird comments. I was wondering the same thing with their first post.

  3. Care to be more specific?

  4. Thank you for visiting. Hoping the posts get a little easier in time. Your forums really help on the darkest days..again my thanks.

  5. You have a great site. You did a great job on the design too. Read your posts. They are awesome and powerful. Keep up the great job.

  6. After posting a few times to this site decided after I had learned my guy was injured by an IED in Afghanistan to start a blog for him. He sustained several injuries as well as TBI, Traumatic Brain Injury. He is coherant and aware but is have a really tough time. He reads my posts when he can. It is difficult for him and to all of us who love him. The blog is really how I deal with the day to day issues. Feeling shut out and not feeling needed is hurtful but this may help others in the same situation. The more support we all have the better. http://foreveryoursalways.blogspot.com/

  7. ABC123, yours is the second such letter. I am very happy for you two. You both did a lot of growing up. Keep up the verbal intimacy. It pays off. You have a keeper. Hang onto your guy. I hope he realizes just how lucky he is to have met you, too!

    Thank you for letting people know the other side. That people do make mistakes. That forgiveness is possible. That real love still requires hard work sometimes. Please come by again. I know others can use your wisdom.

  8. I have been looking at these forums a bit and was relieved to see that, while there are some people who totally disagree with what I’ve done, there are some people who have actually done the same thing! I was with my boyfriend for 5 months before he went on an 8 month deployment to Iraq. We were long distance to begin with, and looking back I see that although we were in love/lust, we probably did not have a strong enough foundation to endure this time apart and this stress that most relationships will never be tested by. When he returned, he confessed that he had sex with another woman marine. I was devastated and we broke up for about 2 months. I kept in touch with him in that time… as much as I was heartbroken by what happened, I also felt horrible for him. He got kicked out of the marines and his life was turned upside down. Many would say he deserved this! And I agree since of course, he knew the rule and he broke it. But I felt from the 5 months that I’d known him, his actions there were completely out of character. And the fact that he had done something to risk not only our relationship, but also his career that he was so proud of, was telling that he was undergoing something major psychologically. When I ask him about that time in his life he never excuses himself, but he comes back to the fact that he felt totally separated from all of his actions, and that after the affair he felt gross and even worse that he did to begin with. He begged me to give him a second chance, and when I told him he would have to do all the work to repair the relationship, he moved to my hometown to be with me even though his family is across the country. I do believe people make mistakes and they are just that, mistakes. If they learn from them and don’t repeat them, they can be forgiven. His actions have proved to me that he is a great man that made bad a mistake in a moment of weakness. I’m so glad I gave him a second chance as I truly believe we are meant for each other. We are getting married next year and I just wanted to post my story to see if I can help someone else out there who is going through the same thing.

  9. Yep, that’s my next step. I have been staying at my mom’s at night this week while my sister is on vacation. Mom’s doing pretty well; but, the doctor wants her not to be alone right now. Since my brother helps her in the daytime, he’s a great cook by the way, he gets a break at night this way. Mom has done surprisingly well. My other brother and sister have also done a lot. I get to sleep at my mommy’s.

  10. I like it . And just a thought — you should put some post out there in each category to get things rollin.

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