“Never Again” – Here are over three years of pictures of soldiers my posts, some fallen, whose memory shouts to us all, “Never again!”

General Petraeus has ibeen given a startling show of approval in the media for the apparent success of the troops and their operations throughout Iraq. Two of the most out spoken critics of the war spent a couple weeks in Iraq. What they said about the success of our troops has now rocked the Democrats in Congress. This is especially true for those extreme leftists who have their own separate agenda outside the confines of the “party!”

Now would be a great time for those Democrats who still lean toward what is best for the country to abandon ship and exercise a little independent judgment. With “white flag Pelosi” and her cronies willing to falsify vote counts to meet needed votes after prematurely ending the proceedings in a flagrant violation of the law, who knows what they will do next. To offer a little incentive, here are over three years of pictures of our troops from the various posts I have made, many no longer with us, who helped make this all possible.

Here are their faces! Two are from my home town. Both were the only child in their family. One is Donald May, the only son of a high school class mate of my sister. The other is Michael Gray, my sister’s only child and my nephew. One is an Iraqi soldier. And, last, but not least, Matt Maupin is still MIA. These soldiers have faces. They are not just numbers on a casualty list or a list of deployed soldiers.

I am not posting credits, sources,etc.. They belong to us all. Those fallen and still with us are etched deep in our hearts and minds forever for what they have courageously sacrificed for our nation, the Iraqi, and the world. Look at their faces, if you dare, and then tell them
and the nation you are still capable of destroying all they have accomplished!

A message for “white flag Nancy! We’ve got “bird!'”

[My favorite of all!]

I challenge Congress to explain to these soldiers or their families and the lone Iraqi soldier why we would even consider talking about a deadline now in Iraq. Explain to me and the rest of John “Q” public why you want us to surrender in the face of success and victory! You want votes, then admit this time you made a mistake. Mistakes have been made from both sides. Let the enemy know, we will not tuck our tail between our legs and run! “Never again!” For those of us who care about freedom, ours and others, we will shout that call over and over until you hear it and the mighty halls of Congress “tremble” with the roar of our voices….”Never again!” “Never again!” “Never again!”……..”N-E-V-E-R A-G-A-I-N!” “No more Vietnam!” No more white flags!” “No more cut and run!” We are Americans and we stand for something: freedom, Democracy, life, liberty, the pursuit of happiness, and defenders of freedom.

Are we arrogant? Sometimes! Do we make mistakes? Often! You don’t make mistakes unless you try to accomplish something. Are we conquerors. Hell no! But, when we give our word, it means something. We don’t run out on our friends. “Never Again!”


~ by devildog6771 on August 5, 2007.

6 Responses to ““Never Again” – Here are over three years of pictures of soldiers my posts, some fallen, whose memory shouts to us all, “Never again!””

  1. How can I reach you?

  2. Can someone from this site contact me directly??? I have a few questions that I think you might be interested in hearing. This site is REALLY GREAT and THANK YOU for what you are doing…. from one VET (Air Force) to ANOTHER!

  3. I agree. Thank you for the nice post! Thank you for your support.

  4. All of those men and women are Brave…I wish this world would come together as one and not ripping apart into a million different pieces. Be strong and God Bless what the soldiers do for the US I love all od you

  5. Well what punishment is there for killing children, hiding behind women to fight, killing your own people, denying the rights of even “men,” raping and stoning women because your “men” are too weak to control their own lust? What punishment awaits those who behead children? Don’t tell me you are afraid of them.

    In every religion there are sickos like you and your ilk that who resist change and progress because you know that your control and enslavement is about to end as is your big power trip. I am not sorry for your ignorance because you chose to keep it. I am sorry for those you lie to and rule by fear, treachery, deceit.

    This war you wage is not about religion. It is about power hungry, evil men. You hide behind religion because you lack the family jewels to be real men.

  6. mullah cimoc say ameriki need stop listen for the lie of usa media. usa media so control.

    so soon all ameriki man under control the hillary clinton. this just the punish for abdicate duty to wife and the child. he so weak now. just the feminize. this job of usa tv show, depection woman for all power position make him aemriki thinking natural for woman rule the man.

    this the natural selection punish the stupid and wicked ameriki letting masters in tel aviv run all usa, for kill and torture him muslim.

    ameriki had him chance for resist nazi in aemrika but too afraid. him just want 7-11 nacho and new refrigerator, or the meth. now him to suffer too much become man once again, but terrible suffer all aemriki person first.


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