Cindy Sheehan in Richmond – in Pictures

Well here they are at last. Pictures of the Cindy Sheehan Rally in Richmond last weekend.

Some of the Pinkos were there, too. The pink was so bright when they stood together it actually was hard to look at!

Devildog6771 That sneaky USMCPOP got this one- I am the one with the “Kiss a Vet shirt”- lol, the “chubby one!”

I gave Cindy a yellow rubber duckie, but they gave it back when I was taking pictures! Guess she didn’t like it!

Can’t tell if she is awake or not, lol!

Thank God for U-Haul!

The crowd was very rowdy as you can see from this picture!

Very enthusiastic!

They really don’t like Dick!!

Large crowd as you can see…

………, lol!

There were only 100-150 protesters. Can’t wait to see their spin on this!

Not too many slogans. Just these!

They seem to like George less than they do Dick!!

The lady in the “red and white stripes,” “Is this it??!!”

There were some hippie style singers. But they had short hair. More like the Kingston Trio types!

She’s practicing her Latin dancing!

Man, that really is “pink!”

Cindy in her glory!

Doesn’t Cindy look comfee?

Cool dude. Too bad he’s on the wrong side!

Willy nilly. Kept telling me to stay out of the road as I took my pictures. I guess I should have thanked him. Had to ask the guy in the black shirt in shorts to move aside a couple times so I could get pictures. They were protecting Cindy’s safety. Like I’d really want to touch her in any way. My Mom always said, “when two people go at it, it is hard to tell which one is the fool!” My Momma didn’t raise any fool!

Looks like some of the sixties kids, doesn’t it?

Cindy at her finest! Long hair in another one of her body guards or whatever you call them! Think he’s a Vietnam Vet. He tried to engage me in that question. I wouldn’t engage. I don’t play with an unloaded gun! You can still get shot!

She almost looks harmless!

Almost like your every day Mom!

Very intent crowd! Very sincere speaker!

Please believe me – George is our enemy!

USMCPOP – Our Side. He, ConcreteBob, and me, Devildog6771, represented the troops!

Good job Cindy. Time to go now. It just isn’t the same without the A.N.S.W.E.R. crowd – the sound stages, the fancy expensive signs and slogans! What’s a peace mom to do? I know. If Nancy Pelosi doesn’t keep her promise, I’ll run for her seat. Yeah!! Good-bye Ms. Speaker! Good riddance! God, does that mean we’ll have to listen to Madam Speaker Sheehan? The Dems must be having a “cow” over this! Just goes to show, never under estimate the power of a “grieving Mom!” Yeah, right!

Aw shucks. What a nice smile. [taken by USMCPOP]

Sacriliege. See the flag? At one point ConcretBob asked them to stop letting it touch the ground! [taken by USMCPOP]

The guy with the beard almost looks like USMCPOP – His words, not mine, lol! [taken by USMCPOP]

Well, our group, USMCPOP, ConcreteBob, and me, Devildog6771, was very small and for obviously not vocal. But we were there and they really didn’t stir up much reaction. It was a rather mediocre protest event in the end! Oh, well!

~ by devildog6771 on July 25, 2007.

6 Responses to “Cindy Sheehan in Richmond – in Pictures”

  1. He! He! He! I do so know what you mean, sadly, lol!

  2. Oh, come on! USMCPOP sneaky? My kids are the ones who are half Asian, so they’re supposed to be sneaky. I’m merely obtuse, or something like that. My sneak has snuck away with the years… You must have mistaken the creak for the sneak.

  3. I find them especially hard because I fully remember everything during the sixties!

  4. i can never stomach seeing these protests.

  5. Wow. That will be so great. Welcome to the neighborhood!

  6. Great photos, DD!!
    I’m going to be your “neighbor” in a week!! I so can’t wait to get there and stand with y’all!!! The pink out here is blinding too…so I’m used to it. lol

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