Get along Cindy holds an antiwar rally at Richmond, Va

Thanks for coming out. The other fellow there with us was none other than ConcreteBob. He was the one who gave them hell about flying the flag upside down, then later standing on it.

Regretably, I don’t have a picture of ConcreteBob!


I am very disturbed. The local newspaper did a write up on Cindy’s rally yesterday. They had the nerve to say the other side wasn’t represented. Don’t USMCPOP and I count. [lol]

I went to the rally in Richmond yesterday. Cindy stayed at this one. She sat in a lawn chair facing a rented U-Haul van of speakers. Then later got up and did her speech. She left shortly afterwards.

Her speech was the same as all the rest. She talked about the lies that led us all to war in Iraq and Afghanistan. She talked about her son, Casey, killed in Iraq. She went on to talk about the unjust war and how it was time for a grass roots effort to end the war such as this nation has never seen before. There was little nothing new in her speech. However, I do think the whole thing was toned down a bit. Maybe that was because A.N.S.W.E.R. was not there with all their expensive stage equipment and their fancy professional posters and banners.

That may actually be a deliberate move on their part. People in Richmond don’t believe there is a socialist movement of any consequence in this country.Whenever I bring it up they laugh or think I’m a conspiracy nut.

I was late, so I thought , wow, I missed the thing. Wrong! They appeared to be late too. I counted their number several times to get a decent estimate. All told, there were about “150” counting the late arriving “Pinkos.” Speaking of Code Pink, those guys really do wear the pink don’t they. It almost hurts your eyes to look at them, it’s so bright. Anyway, I digress.

There were two Eagles/Freep/ etc.. Yup, that’s right, two, me and USMCPOP, lol! I took a lot of pictures. Though at times I felt they were trying to prevent this. I did several sequential sweeps so you can clearly tell that there were only about 150 of them. Across the road, but only a about 30 feet or so apart was “USMCPOP” for our side waving his U.S.Flag or rather holding it in a very patient and dignified manner while I went around from all sides taking pictures.

Actually the protesters were rather sedate. Guess that was because there were so few of “them” and “us.” There were probably probably about 30-40 onlookers being generous in my estimate. There were so few, I didn’t bother to count them. And, of course Channel 12 On Your Side was there.

Police security was awesome. But since they weren’t really needed they stood around, directed traffic, let their horses eat grass, and generally had a freebie day.

Like I said, USMCPOP had his small flag and I had a P.G.R. size. but we weren’t really in a situation where we could make any impact, respectfully, that is! I did go up and give a “Yellow Duckie” to a lady about three chairs from Cindy. I wrote on it, “If it walks like a duck, Quacks like a duck, then it’s a duck. Then put GOE on its top.” [I hope this was OK]. I didn’t make a scene. But, the some of the people guarding the whole area were a little forceful. A few times they tried to make me move to where they wanted me but they seemed to have the whole area. I just politely told them to bug off, not to touch me. When I gave the lady the duck, I told the lady it was only a rubber duckie I brought as a gift for Cindy. I never really expected to actually be able to give it to her. They gave it back to USMCPOP while I was taking pictures. Guess they didn’t like it.

They were disappointed because all the politicians they invited didn’t show up. Mr. Warner wouldn’t see them. He had the receptionist tell them to make an appointment and he would see them on a “Town Hall ” date I think it was. The other three or four they invited didn’t show up either.

There were a some people who sang, read original poems and such. It was like a little gathering of hipppies in the sixties. But even that was toned down due to their small size.At one point, I asked a couple people why they weren’t willing to openly debate or discuss the issues, them, Code Pink, etc. on one side of the stage, GOE, and like groups on the other. I said I can’t speak for the GOE or the other groups; but, I was curious that they didn’t request this since they felt their cause was a just one!

Here I quote:

“Because we have had bad experiences with GOE. We have been threatened and manhandled by them.” He mentioned the Charlotte rally.

I told the man and woman standing beside him that the Charlotte Police issued a statement after accusations were made there that the rally was peaceful and without incident. The guy cut me off and said, “I let you talk now it’s my turn.” I allowed him to continue. He said, “in Charlottesville, Va. the GOE made threats against their safety and especially Cindy, and one of their members was physically manhandled,” by our members. I told him I hadn’t seen any news on that rally yet.

So he again asked me to let him have his turn. Now remember, I have only asked a question. He then went on about how the media supports the pro war movement. We have FOX News. So I said, well you guys have CNN and all the rest. He disagreed and about this time the lady says, the media is owned by this bunch of rich guys who tell it what to say and not say.

The guy is going on about how CNN and “their media” doesn’t give them the coverage they want. They aren’t truthful to the American people! The lady was also saying pretty much the same thing and how the media [my words] effectively censored the news! I ignored him and told the lady I totally agreed with her. She looked at me rather funny and said, ” Well at least we have one thing we can all agree on.” I said, “You know what, you’re absolutely right.” The guy looked annoyed. The lady was a little perplexed as if we shouldn’t ever agree on anything but here we had just done so. She was actually quite pleasant and nice.

The whole thing was very subdued. Except for her guys getting up in my face when I was trying to take pictures, and becoming clutchie if they felt I was about to approach Cindy, things were without incident. I simply asked the guy to remove his hands. I reassured him I was only taking pictures. Oh, yeah, like I said , I did give one of these ladies a “yellow rubber duckie” for Cindy. That wasn’t exactly received warmly but that was an eye contact reproach only. Otherwise, I found them more humored by my lone efforts to take pictures and represent opposition since there, as I said before just me and USMCPOP!

I on occasion asked them to either step back or aside so I could take my pictures. They did so more readily after I reassured them the last thing I would want was to come into physical contact with Cindy or anyone else. They asked if they could take my picture. I said yes. One guy took a movie camera shot and another used his cell phone.

I gave my permission without reluctance in a pleasant manner. But, jeez, I am not in any way photogenic! I think this was more an effort to point out that there were only “two” of us, lol and one-hundred-fifty of them. There was only one downside to the whole thing other than only two of us win the war, support the troops guys there. At one point USMCPOP suggested I might move further to the left of where I was standing as he had done. He says you don’t want to get counted as one of them.

I was so busy taking pictures I didn’t pay attention to one of their guys standing on our side with a huge protest banner. I was standing right next to him. I quickly moved!

I will be posting the pictures and sending GOE and USMCPOP copies. But my dog chewed my cord I use to download pictures from my camera to my computer. So, being broke for the next few weeks, I have to get my son’s help to figure another way to download them. I think there must be some way, I just am not that skilled on this type of thing to figure it out.

If anyone knows how to do this,let me know, please.

~ by devildog6771 on July 22, 2007.

6 Responses to “Get along Cindy holds an antiwar rally at Richmond, Va”

  1. Devildog, I’ll send you another email, and you can just attach the pictures and send ’em back. Thanks. Also, send me a link or info about your Hero, Mike.

    I posted a couple of those pictures at this thread about Cindy:

    There’s a bit of a blog about Cindy’s visit to Charlottesville here at the United Conservatives of Virginia site: ConcreteBob is a contributor, and I will eventually join in.

  2. I thought there was someone else there but I wasn’t sure. Thank you for adding his name for me. Where do you want me to send the pictures? I have optimized then [only] so they will not slow down any site on which they appear. By the way, I see you added a picture of me in there, lol. I didn’t even notice, lol.

    I saw that CNN Special. It was done very well. I wanted to write something about it; but, felt I should consult you first. We lost my sister’s only child, a son, in Kuwait.So, I know how hard it is for you, your family, and the other families. Mike was raised with us as his Mom lived at home. He was much more than a nephew to us all.

  3. Devildog6771,

    Thanks for coming out. The other fellow there with us was none other than ConcreteBob. He was the one who gave them hell about flying the flag upside down, then later standing on it.


  4. YM, thanks. I finally got them downloaded and then I had to optimize them. Now I have to send a copy to GOE, USMCPOP, and post them here.

    I like your site. Will be emailing that email soon.

  5. Good for you and USMCPOP!! You just wait – in a couple of weeks there will be one more supporter in VA! It’s so hard to have a discussion with these people – they’ve all taken civil disobedience training classes so they can stay calm while inciting you to anger, so it looks like you’re the loony one. And then they can scream assault and sue. Hey, they’re “professional protesters”!

    You can download your photos by putting the memory chip directly into the slot just for this on your tower (if you computer has one). It will download all your photos into your pictures folder.

  6. Hey, devildog you visited my site at awhile back. Unfortunately my life has moved into the more participatory role than commentary role so I can’t keep the site up. (I’m going overseas.) My friend and I were working on a new concept to facilitate discussion on the war on terror and conservative vs liberal stuff. The site is a skeleton… but it has a great setup plan that can handle a ton of discussion. Could you check that out and see if its as good an idea as I think it is. If so my friend is at

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