Beware of Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing!

On July fourth the nation came together “for the day,” however short that time, to celebrate our day of Independence. There were hot dogs and hamburgers, steaks and fried chicken. All these were accompanied by potato salad, watermelon, chips or whatever other as-sundry of food items individual localities served on this day that symbolized our freedom from the British Empire and our birth as a “free nation!” Flags were waving for the most part, although one locality refused to allow the VFW to hand out free flags to passersby and fireworks topped off the entire day’s events which also included parades, music festivals, and other events again symbolic of celebrations of this important day in our history.

Looking back it seemed like such a normal day of festivities. A family day! A nation’s day! A day to be grateful to our “founding fathers” and all those brave people who dumped tea in Boston Harbor, fought at Yorktown, and crossed the Delaware River. From the moment “the shot heard around the world” was fired until the last musket or cannon was fired in our battle to be free, brave men [and women in their own way] endured the elements with barely enough food, clothing, and supplies at times to carry on. But, carry on they did!

It is easy to forget at times those who first came here and founded this nation. Some were wealthy. But most came here to leave behind a life too hard to endure. Some came as indentured servants. Some came as slaves sold by their own people, either captured from neighboring tribes or to help feed those still at home. They battled disease, natural hardships, and fear of the unknown and what was to come.

Possibly, had the ocean voyage not been so long and far, history might have painted a different picture for our founders. That is a subject for history buffs or the nation’s thinkers. But their determination to be free men, worship freely, and a hope for a better life caused them to persevere. And, just like those first settlers, all those other immigrants after them who came here from all over Western Europe and elsewhere, also left their mark. They all added a brick to support the fabric of our society.

Some sources say three major events in recent history shaped the world as we all know it today though not simultaneously. The first was the French Revolution. During that event, the nobility lost its hereto unfettered control over the rest of the country when those less fortunate rebelled amid a world of great philosophical speech and writings about the destiny of man. Socialism was born out of that era and led to the formation or rise of Russia and Communism. This was the second event. The third and final event was the American Revolution. Over time these three events culminated into the decades of the cold war between the Eastern Communism and the Western Democracy.

History and time shows us as nations and as a world body that one believes in the rights of life, liberty, free speech, individual ownership, and capitalism that is governed by the people. The other believes in state ownership, and restriction of rights, liberties, free speech, individual ownership, and the destruction of capitalism.

The “left” and the “right” were born! But depending on which “camp” you believed in and lived in, their meaning was one hundred eighty degrees out of sync. In Communism, the left applied to those seeking to instill democracy and the right, or conservatives believed in the status quot. In the Western societies, democracy and its capitalism, free speech, and all the many other “God given ” rights was the right. Socialism, Communism and the Progressives became or rather are the “left.”

Over time, more and more nations have embraced Democracy. However, those nations ruled under Socialism and Communism eventually have collapsed. The greatest and most shocking, at the time, was the collapse of the former Soviet Union and all its repressive ideology.

There was never any mass migration of people into Russia or any other communist country for that matter. As a matter of fact, most of those countries restrict travel outside their country and discourage foreign travel in. Poverty is rampant. Dissenters “disappear!” That is why so many people left those nations. Many risk their lives trying to escape. Many died!

Today, China, North Korea, and Cuba are the three longest surviving Communist nations. All three are highly closed and restrictive societies. All three have huge numbers of impoverished people and mass migration. However, China is beginning to test the waters of capitalism which may begin to alleviate much of the poverty over time. The problem I see on the rise here is the potential threat at some point to the ruling communist government in China.

I  can understand why so many people might have been drawn to Socialism and Communism initially.  WWI and WWII left much of Europe, Central Asia, and Asia in shambles. Al were just beginning to break way from rule by the nobility. Socialism promised to close the gap between the have and the have-not! Many other European nations experienced the rise of socialism and fascism too. But WWII and the subsequent rise to power of Russia and its annexation of other nations and the resulting cold war my have much to do with the fact that modified democracy and capitalism took over. I think that too would be food for another discussion.

So where is all this discussion going? Well, the United States is the longest enduring Democracy. Its Constitution has been a template for more and more Democratic nations throughout the world. The U.S. is also the richest nation. After WWII it helped rebuild Europe and Japan. Destroyed by the ravages of war, Europe relied heavily on American military bases and troops for protection as it rebuilt.

However, as the European nations rebuilt, their focus was on economic and domestic rebuilding. Right now, only England has a decent military though no where the size of the American military. I believe France probably falls next in line. Many of the socialist programs interspersed have not left the more stable nations as economically wealthy as America.

This being the case I am at a profound loss to explain why in the richest and most  prosperous nation has so many people who want to do away with capitalism, the American Constitution, and our Democratic way of life. Many of those most vocal and  active in this endeavor are rich. Some are super rich. Many only expanded their wealth on the wake of their campaign to destroy all that makes our nation great.  I can understand someone like George Soros with all his wealth trying to fulfill this “Utopian dream.’ He is a first generation immigrant. But, Jane Fonda, Hilary Clinton, Nancy Pelosi, Maxine Waters, and many of the other “progressive” believers didn’t get where they are by applying socialist principles.

The Progressive Caucus looks like a “who’s who list” of socialists. All of them want to save the every day man and woman from the yokes of repression “inherent” in the “evils of capitalism and Democracy” and spread around the wealth in America. Now O don’t know about anyone else but I see a fallacy here. The ones who want to make these great changes for our own good are the ones who are filthy rich.  Do they feel guilty over being so rich?

Who knows! I sure don’t. But I have a better solution. Leave our damn Constitution alone. Leave our Democracy alone. If you want to spread around some wealth, start with your own bank accounts. I for one would not refuse to accept a penny as long as there were no strings attached! Better yet, if you don’t like it here in this country whose system allowed you to get filthy rich, go to live in one of those nations that are set up like you want to do ours.   But, you all better buy yourself a damn rowboat and put it away for the day when your Utopian state takes away all your damn money and you decide to do like those poor immigrants who come here in boats to escape the repression they live with every day.

But, why do I not believe that is what motivates your acts of kindness in championing for the common man. Power and more power corrupts. Money brings power. The more of both some people have, the more some they have to have. All of these types of people are all alike. They always try to sell they lie it all for our own good and betterment. I may be mistaken, but don’t all dictators and despots start off that way?

If you really want to help the common man, then leave our government and Constitution alone. Instead of the dissent you spend so much time spreading and creating, why don’t you spread hope? Why don’t you encourage the values of good education? Why not the values of hard work and perseverance? Why not integrity and accountability? Why not the value of honesty, moral strength, and belief in God? But you can’t do that can you? If you did we would all see what a bunch of self serving hypocrites you all really are! You have to practice these principles yourself before you can convince others of their value!


~ by devildog6771 on July 17, 2007.

6 Responses to “Beware of Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing!”

  1. Again, no specifics, just blanket statements with no substance!

  2. this is ridiculous

  3. Never a substantive answer. Always a question for an answer. A couple out of context pot shots. I like to think of it as “hit as run!” I can have two pages of sources and it’s like that isn’t there and I get, “where’s your proof?”

  4. they’re just disgusting.

  5. I did not say it was wrong to question our government. Spray painting memorials built to honor those who gave their life defending our nation or in service to this nation is not free speech or questioning the government. It is dishonoring the memory and sacrifices of those men and women whose names are inscribed on those memorials. Throwing hot coffee in the face of a just returned soldier with an obvious war injury is not free speech or questioning the government. It is assault. Making obscene gestures at service men and women with or without their families is not free speech or questioning the government it is harassment and making illegal profane public gestures at a private citizen. Hugging Hugo Chavez in a time of war and calling the US President a son of a bitch is not free speech or questioning the government. It is quite possibly treason. Calling for a “revolution” and the destruction of the government in a time of war is not free speech.It is sedition. Supporting the people who have declared war on your nation with monetary donations and propaganda is not free speech and questioning the government. It is treason! I could go on but I think I have made my point.

    I would never trust any network on the pros and cons of Socialism. study every thing I can get my hands on. But, I think history is a very good teacher. I see nothing about socialism that is in any way interesting to me as a way of life. I value my freedom. I value hard work and its rewards. I value my independence. I don’t think someone who worked their butt off for 12 years to be a doctor ought to make the same income as me when I sat on my duff and did nothing to make more of myself. Every time any governments takes over private business, the only ones who benefits are government officials. There is no Utopian society. There never will be.

    If you want to submit socialist views to be expressed here for discussion, that is fine with me. But, I said discussion.

    By the way,if socialism is so good, then why not openly be socialists instead of hiding behind “progressivism” and “politically correct” terminology. The Klan is open. The NAZI party is open. I have read the minutes of DSA describing their goals for America. I am perfectly content with Democracy.

  6. Questioning the government is the natural right of every citizen. So when you tell people not to question or dismiss the clearly abusive government, you are basically telling people to submit to the will of another. Screw that, any nation built on such principals deserves to fall that much faster.

    Don’t just read the ‘FOX news’ ad-hoc summary of socialism. Actually take the time to really explore what you are criticizing, at least before dismissing the notion entirely. If you like, I would be happy to have an open dialog regarding socialism, let me know if you are interested. I’ll leave my e-mail if you are:

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