Intel Says Moonbat Group May Assault the Vietnam Wall

Gathering of Eagles has a post that all Americans and all veterans need to read. In the post, ”
Intel Says Moonbat Group May Assault the Vietnam Wall,” GOE is reporting the following:

A “very preliminary” report by law enforcement in Maryland has come across the wire saying that an anarchist group is looking to deface the Wall on September 15th during ANSWER’s rally in Washington, D.C.”

I was at the first GOE event in D.C to protect “The Wall.” I personally watched several would be “anarchists” turned away by GOE members. On one occasion, the adults had their kids with them as a “cover.” The guys who caught them were Vietnam Vets who had already turned away some nut case with “spray paint in his back pack. He couldn’t even close his pack. He was definitely not too bright!

Until the day I die I will remember the sacrifices of our troops during Vietnam. As a woman, I wasn’t allowed in combat. But those 50,000 “+” troops who died in Vietnam were mostly draftees. Many did not want to go to Vietnam. They didn’t all believe in the war. But, they went anyway. They served for their country. They served for each other.

Amazingly they turned the tide and the war was beginning to be won. Then the SDS and other Socialists groups started stepping up their nationwide protest campaigns to end the war. They did everything the could to politically force a withdrawal and end of aid. In Congress, as now, Ted Kennedy was a leading figure in the movement. High profile people of means like Jane Fonda even went so far as to collude with the enemy.

In America, the Civil Rights movement erupted like a powder keg. Many major cities had terrible riots. Groups like the Black Panthers and the Weather Underground spread their messages of hate, violence, and “revolution.” When our guys returned home, there were some spit on and called baby killers. They had to be careful off base.

When I was stationed in San Diego, families didn’t want their daughters going out with the soldiers. I remember when we went on liberty, how we would make sure we didn’t look military. The guys had to be especially careful about wearing their shoes. They were like magnets to the street merchants. They also had to be careful not to draw attention drunks and anti-war activists.

It took a long time for the Vietnam Vets to get the proper medical care and benefits they deserved. Many died from the effects of “agent orange” and diseases of other natures. There was little or no treatment for PTSD. A large number became homeless and destitute.

“The Wall” doesn’t just represent those 58,000 “+” soldiers killed in Nam. It represents decades of struggling as a veteran of Vietnam for respect, proper medical care, the horrid effects of agent orange, PTSD, and every hardship endured due to an ungrateful nation. It represents that homeless vet living in the street because he/she can’t work, can’t shut out the images of seeing their buddy die, children accidentally killed, children carrying bombs as suicide bombers, the sounds of weapons fire, bombs, and the sounds of the dying.

Many still wear their old shirt or jacket. They are among the first to welcome home our returning troops. When they go to”the Wall” they go to honor those who died. They lay medals, ribbons, flowers, letters, and other items of tribute to our troops who died in Vietnam. They go there to pay their respects to their fallen brothers. They go to be with the “spirit ” of those lost brothers.

As a veteran ca say we would all willingly die for our country, to keep it free and safe, to protect the rights written in our Constitution. Yet, no other Veteran in the history of our nation suffered at the lack of respect and gratitude as our Vietnam vets have. You can bet that we would all do all we could to protect the “Wall” and all it signifies.

We will not and cannot stand by idly and see it desecrated. We owe it to the departed veterans whose names appear on that wall to make sure they are not forgotten. That they did not die for nothing! We will not allow anyone to further desecrate their memory! We owe it to their families.

We need to have so many vets present on Sept. 15, that not one single protester gets close enough to desecrate the hallowed grounds anywhere near the wall, much less the Wall! We need to do so with the dignity and respect the names on that wall deserve. I truly believe that the protesters will do all they can to test our diligence and provoke us. We must not succumb to their level of disrespect. We must remain firm and reverent! We must stand tall!

I know that I haven’t written as eloquent an appeal as others might. But, I am sure you all understand what I am trying to say. I am looking forward to seeing an even larger crowd this time than last time. It is my sincere hope that so many of us show up that our voices will drown out the voices of the ant-war crowd! Do it for our troops. Do it for those whose names are on that wall. May the roar of our voices reverberate across the nation like “the shot heard heard round the world” when our forefathers fought for our freedom.


~ by devildog6771 on July 16, 2007.

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