Progress in Iraq – Complicity with the enemy in Congress – A solution to our problem

Were we to believe Congress, we would most certainly believe that the current nationwide Operations ongoing in Iraq were failing. They have a new resolution in Congress designed to by pass the President. Congress doesn’t seem to remember what “separation of powers” means. You know why?

*They’re either thinking with the wrong head or have their head in “that “unmentionable zone!” Either way they are again determined to make us lose this war. Why? They say it’s because, “We can’t win!”

Yet news from the troops in Iraq disagrees. “News Blaze” reports that peace agreements are being formed between tribal sheiks in Baqubah. In their report, “Ubaidi, Anbakia Tribes Sign Peace Agreement in Diyala,“News Blaze reports that the “peace agreement” between two key tribal leaders was signed on July 10, 2007 after several months of careful negotiations in Baqubah. This ends decades of conflicts between the two tribes.

The peace agreements were made possible by the efforts of the 3rd Brigade Combat Team, 1st Cavalry Division. To date, the peoples of Diyala, Buhriz, Tahrir, Mufrik and Khatoon have all agreed to end their tribal conflict and work together against Al-Qaeda and the other terrorist organizations in Iraq. They are sick of the killing. So they send a message to Al-Qaeda and the other terrorist organizations:

“The commitment of the tribes to sign this treaty signifies that the people of Diyala continue to feel disdain toward the hatred of al-Qaida and other terrorist groups throughout the province,” said Sutherland. “Just as the people of Buhriz, Tahrir, Mufrik and Khatoon have done, the Ubaidi and Anbakia tribes will show the terrorists that the people control the area because of their strength through unity.”

Operation Arrowhead Ripper is not the only success story in Iraq. Throughout Iraq the local civilian population has begun providing information to help our troops, the Iraqi troops, and the Security force fight the Al-Qaeda and other terrorists. Michael Yon wrote about a group that months ago fought our troops. Now, at the leader of that group’s request, we have joined forces with him to fight Al-Qaeda. Read the startling details in “Al-Qaeda on the Run: Feasting on the Moveable Beast,” Michael Yon’s last dispatch. Also read his other dispatches:

Read these dispatches from one of the areas where the enemy was most entrenched, Baqubah. Read about the corruption of ideals, the slaughter of innocent men, women, and children, the bombings, the fear and torture by Al-Qaeda. But more importantly, read about how our troops and the Coalition forces have begun to win over the people of Iraq. Read about how pleased and happy these Iraqi are after Al_Qaeda is run out. How their lives begin to go back to normal.

Now answer this question for me? Where the hell is Congress getting all its information from? Did one of those traitors who went to Iraq early on and occasionally since the war began accidentally find some secret source of information about Iraq that the troops on the ground and General Petraeus don’t know about? Know what I want to see Congress set up a committee to study? I want them to set up a committee to study why Congress seems to never miss an opportunity to undermine every good and successful effort our troops make in Iraq!

There is a sickness in Congress! It’s the same sickness that was so pervasive during the Vietnam Era. The same sickness that attached itself like a fungus to the social changes that era brought about. I say fungus because this sickness is parasitic. It feeds off other causes. It slowly works its way from the bottom up through the ranks; but, mostly its a bottom feeder. Up until now, this parasite has failed miserably in the U.S. every time it tried to take off on its own. When this parasite and the people who spread it brought about the end of the Vietnam war, it lost its momentum.

Now this bottom feeder is stirring things up again. Protests from one end of the country to the other. Anti war themes side by side with empowerment to the masses signs. The Democratic Party, bought and paid for! The House, between 1/4 to 1/3 of the Democratic members belong to this parasite. Now the “founder of the Progressive Caucus” has moved to the Senate.

What are the Republicans doing? Instead of showing some “brass family jewells” they are abandoning the war effort, at least some are. But others are bickering and non supportive. You know what my answer or reply is to all those causing the dissent?

Well, I have a message for you guys! Every protest rally, we’ll be there too. We’re going to be like ticks on a dog’s back! So do all your organizing. You save us a lot of time, money, and effort. You see, you guys set up the time, the place, the date. You make all the media arrangements and do all the advertising! And the rest of us, those who love this country and support our troops and the war, we’ll just show up!

We’ll remind people of the reason’s this nation was founded. We’ll remind them that the “Constitution” is a great document! We’ll remind them of every reason our forefather’s threw off the yoke of an English King. We’ll remind “you” of why “the great Russia” failed. More importantly, we’ll let you know and the enemy you cohort with know, you’ll never break our spirit or take over our country!

If you pathetic bunch of “red wannabes” really hate it here in America so much; can’t stand our Constitution, way of life, or capitalism, then you can distribute all that wealth most of you running this show have made as you try to spread your dissent and divide our house. Then you can take you red a$$es to Venezuela or some other like place where you can enjoy “your idea of the good life!” Don’t let the door hit you in your a$$ on the way out!!

[*Don’t know who to give credit for this picture. But, I sure do love it!]

~ by devildog6771 on July 15, 2007.

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