“Heroes in the Global War on Terror”

Heroes in the War on Terror

Many blogs participate in an event called, Wednesday’s Heroes. Though I am not part of that group for personal reasons, I don’t think they will mind if I add a couple heroes myself. [I am sorry to be a couple days late!]

I am sure you all remember a while back when four of our Navy Seals were trapped inside enemy territory in Afghanistan. A helicopter was sent in to rescue any survivors and bring home the remains of those who perished. Before rescue could be implemented, the enemy shot down the chopper and killed all sixteen aboard.

Navy Cross Recipient

On June 28, 2005 Navy Seals Lt. Michael Murphy and Petty Officers Matt Axelson and Danny Dietz fought to the death rather than be captured by the enemy. Petty Officer Luttrell was the lone survivor. Amazingly, he made it down the side of the mountain where he and the other seals were trapped and was rescued and secretly cared for by local Afghans until word was sent back to his unit to effect his rescue.

Luttrell was the “Lone Survivor” of the events of June 28, 2005. He was awarded the Navy Cross for his actions.

Bronze Star Recipient

Military Transition Teams (MiTTs) work with Iraqi Security Forces providing training and support so Iraqi can better defend themselves. MiTTs are stationed all over Iraq in this effort. One such person was Army Reserve Maj. Christopher Matson. Major Matson was sent to Mosul in April of 2006 where he lived with Kurdish troops and built a lasting rapport with these troops. He was severely wounded as he lay sleeping when a bomb exploded causing a wall to fall on top of him.He was rescued by his new Iraqi friends and given emergency care until help arrived to transport him to a military hospital.

For all Major Matson accomplished while on that assignment in Mosul, Iraq he was awarded the Bronze Star in May of 2007.

Please go to Heroes in the War on Terror for 7/7/2007 by Angela French[Writers Group] and read a full accounting of the bravery of these two men.

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2 Responses to ““Heroes in the Global War on Terror””

  1. It is the least we can do for them.

  2. Thanks for honoring these heroes!

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