Where are all the people?

I want to warn readers that Michael Yon’s latest post contains pictures which may be hard for some people to view. Children should especially not be allowed to view this post!

Let me start off by saying that since “Operation Phantom Thunder” began, the American forces, Coalition forces, and the Iraqi Army have been embroiled the largest nationwide offensive in Iraq to capture or kill the Al-Qaeda in Iraq and other terrorists since 2003. In my previous post, The War in Iraq – The Enemy is being routed across the entire Country, which I wrote on June 23, 2007, I said:

This is D-Day, or our modern day version of the Invasion of Normandy, if you will, for the Coalition and Iraqi Forces in Iraq. The significance of these operations will not be over looked by our troops nor the enemy!”

I also gave a rundown of the various smaller operations under Operation Phantom Thunder, their progress, and links to another post by Michael and other blogs which covered in great detail the current offensive.

I have noticed more and more comparisons between the Normandy Invasion during WWII and Iraq as far as how different the outcome of that Invasion might have been had the media, Congress, and a very vocal “minority” of Americans showed the same lack of support they have shown in “Operation Phantom Thunder!” Would we all be speaking German now or Japanese? As it was we ignored Winston Churchill’s warning about Stalin. Look where that left the world, embroiled in a “Cold war” that lasted for what, fifty years.

The haphazard ending to that war also left the entire Middle East in the mess we are all trying to fix now. Secret treaties, promises of independence broken, and a half hearted promise of a “homeland” has left the Middle East a hot bed of war, poverty, Islamic Extremism, and dictators. The rise of Islamic extremism, Al-Qaeda, and other terrorists groups should surprise no one!

Now we are faced with an even greater threat than either WWI or WWII in my opinion and cannot tuck our tail between our legs and run and hide like we did during Vietnam.
We are now standing at the cross roads of freedom or destruction around the world. Which way events unfold will be determined by the outcome in Iraq. The present operations throughout Iraq underneath the main operation divide Iraq’s hot spots into zones. Inside each operation the enemy is surrounded and the combined American, Coalition, and Iraqi Army forces sweep in from all sides and capture or kill the enemy. In all theaters, the troops are very successful at this time. The only drawback comes from efforts to prevent collateral damage or losses. That effort before the start of operations allowed many high level enemy leaders escape.

Still, Al-Qaeda is being routed throughout Iraq. Weapons caches have been captured and destroyed. Mid level leaders of the enemy have been captured or killed. The enemy is becoming desperate and committing atrocities to stem the rapidly growing support of tribal clans and other Iraqi citizens throughout Iraq for the American and Coalition forces and the Iraqi Army throughout Iraq. Every day more and more Iraqi civilians give good Intel to help capture or kill the enemy.

Michael Yon is in Baqubah with the 3-2 Stryker Brigade Combat Team in Iraq. He has been sending back dispatches covering the progress of the present offensives. As I mentioned in other posts the enemy is using men, women, and children as shields. They are blowing up bridges and laying IEDs all over the place. They are also booby trapping buildings in towns with explosives.

June 29, 2007

When Charley Company 1-12 CAV—led by Captain Clayton Combs—and Iraqi soldiers from the 5th IA began their approach on a small town not far from FOB Warhorse, they came in from all sides with a deliberate and methodical approach. They expected the IEDs they found. They expected the buildings they found laced throughout with bombs. This small town was located near one of the roads the enemy frequently laces with bombs. So it had been taken over by Al-Qaeda. Al-Qeada engaged them in battle as the two units worked together side by side detonating IEDs, disarming bombs in abandoned cars and booby trapped buildings and they returned fire at the enemy. The enemy trap failed. But, then the American and Iraqi soldiers found themselves faced with an ominous situation – no towns people!!

The soldiers found the people who had lived in the town [or village] before Al-Qaeda had taken over. I don’t know if all the people were found; but, the ones they did find were all dead, men, women, and children. The children were decapitated. They were buried in mass graves. Some had been dead for a while. Others had not been long dead. Even the animals were killed.

For a full accounting of the grisly slaughter found in this tiny village or town in Baqubah near FOB Warhorse, read Michael Yon’s latest dispatch, “Bless the Beasts and Children.” I warn you in advance that the pictures Michael took are very hard to look at. Please spread the word about this latest post from Michael. People all over the world need to know what Al-Qaeda is doing to the Iraqi civilians, especially the children!

Again I say:

This is the Religion of peace?

If Al-Qaeda treats their own this way, can you imagine what they have planned for the rest of us, the infidels. Reading Michael’s post, viewing his pictures, I thanked God I am an infidel! Those who would slaughter children deserve no quarter. They do not deserve respect or anything but disdain. They are cowards of the worst kind! They are guilty of “genocide!”


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2 Responses to “Where are all the people?”

  1. Happy Independence Day to you to YM. I think some have brains that have atrophied!

  2. Makes me ask what part of “beheaded” don’t those who want to appease these walking bags of evil get??

    This story from yon makes today even more poignant.

    Happy Independence Day, DD!

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