Michael Yon – A Bio and Tribute

One of the most prolific writers on the War in Iraq comes from an unexpected source. I say unexpected because one would expect that the American Media and Media from throughout the free world would all be covering the events in both Iraq and Afghanistan given the alternative to failure we all face. However, that is not the case. World media sources, particularly the American media, seem little interested in the war unless a negative political spin can be gained. One writer, Michael Yon, an independent journalist, strays from the politics of the war and writes on the scene reports. He writes with both style and integrity. His reporting has a very unique human element. He is not afraid to go after the news; nor, does he gloss over the truth. If things are going bad, he says so. However, unlike the mainstream media, Michael also has a flair for reporting the success stories in the war.

In one of Michael’s posts, Tabula Rasa, he reiterates his independence from outside sources save his readers, talks about his earlier years before he started writing about the war and tells us why he began covering the war. Michael is not a trained journalist, he is a published writer. He is the author of “Danger Close.” Finances have not been the only obstacle he has faced as he reported on the war. Yet, he trudges on and keeps providing the only real frontline news report of the war from a Coalition perspective.

He writes high praise for a General, David Petraeus, and how the General used the media to help the war efforts. Sadly, it isn’t until now, late in 2007, that General Petraeus has been placed in command of troops in Iraq. His bold and innovative plans for fighting and his efforts to bring the Iraqi citizenry into the picture seems to be making a big difference in Iraq. This meets a prediction that Michael Yon made over the General’s abilities early on in the war.

But, Micheal doesn’t get bogged down with “I told you SOs!” He writes his observations in a fair, unbiased manner, and moves on to the next story.

There has been no new report from the front by Michael since the 25th of June. However, he began preparing us for the coming battles and operations of the “surge” throughout Iraq as security permitted. Since the current Iraq-wide series of Operations began, Michael has provided us with on the scene accounts of the successes and failures. The overall picture he projects for these current nationwide operations to break the back of A-Qaeda in Iraq are very positive. Even more positive is the General’s involvement of the Iraqi citizenry.

The American media and the Universal media at large has had little to say with the exception of some negative coverage. Little is said to show any success with respect to the current operations in Iraq. Perhaps some of this is justified. But, how long will the media hold a grudge over past differences? When will it “grow up” and start doing its job and provide balanced reports on the war too?

It is imperative that we Americans citizens know what is really happening in Iraq with regard to the war there, the political scene, and the rebuilding efforts. It is critical that we know that the people in Iraq have begun to take a greater stand against the enemy and now provide Intel and support to the American and Coalition forces and the Iraqi Army in Iraq. IT IS EXTREMELY IMPORTANT THAT THE ENEMY KNOW THEY ARE LOSING THE SUPPORT OF IRAQI’S THROUGHOUT THE COUNTRY!

Our troops, the Coalition forces, the Iraqi forces and Police and Security forces need their successes to be told world wide. Not only do they need the morale boost, they need the blow that information thrusts at the enemy’s morale. The people of Iraq also need to know their efforts are making a difference! It is long past time that the media war in Iraq became as important as the ground war. It is long past time that our side fight that media campaign as effectively as the enemy has been doing all along!

Michael Yon can only continue to cover the “Wars in Iraq and Afghanistan” through contributions from his readers. On his site, he has several ways for people to make contributions that will allow him to keep covering the war.

“If I hadn’t seen it myself I might not have believed it. It was like the entire press corps came prepared to attend a funeral and write the obituary, only to stumble into a baptism.

Please help Michael keep reporting on the “baptism” and not the “funeral!” Make a donation to help him stay in Iraq.

Credit to Wikipedia for the picture here and the background material


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