Do nothing Congress gets a pay raise??!!

The marquee on CN8 this morning says that the House is willing to accept a raise to $170,000. What a joke! I sure wish I could get a raise to that salary for doing nothing!! All the House has done since Nancy Pelosi and her supporters gained control of the House is:

1.] Try to end the War in any manner possible

2.] Not supported our troops, especially those in harms way!

3.] Try to impeach the President and Vice-President which would elevate the Speaker to the Presidency!!

4.] Prevent President from appointing even the least important appointments up to top Cabinet posts.

5.] Allow the Socialism that has control of the Democratic Party a free reign in the House

6.] Ignore the State Department and personally go [Ms. Pelosi] to the Middle East without Presidential Support or State Department approval or support.

7.] Do everything possible to build up a scandal to use against the President and his administration that will have the same damaging effect that Kennedy used with Watergate to sway American voters away from Republican candidates at all levels.

8.] Do little or nothing to help defend or put in place means to defend our nation against terrorists activity in America

9.] Aided and abetted the ENEMY ands effectively cause more deaths in Iraq both of our troops and Iraqi civilians by empowering and emboldening the enemy!!

I suppose all these actions or inactions did require a certain amount of effort. But, do we really want to reward treasonous conduct? Personally I don’t. As far as I am concerned, the House agenda under current leadership has little to do with the national interests of America and everything to do with personal and socialist agenda!!

I call it like I see it!


~ by devildog6771 on June 28, 2007.

4 Responses to “Do nothing Congress gets a pay raise??!!”

  1. I am aware of the state of all those items you mentioned above. Let me ask you a question. Do you really think this mess all happened over night. Did you take a really close look at Thomas to see who passed what bills? Or, are you presenting party lines? I have repeatedly talked about all of the above; and, provided the specifics to prove my case. It is all there if you care to look it up and reads it all for your self.

    If you have any specifics I’ll gladly look at them.

    By the way, Rumsfeld did an amazing thing with the military which actually made it easier for them all in times of war. That’s written about here too.

    Asa for ranting, I love it. I do it all the time; but, never without researching “both sides” of an issue first! I am no ones party “lacky.” I no longer support “blindly” any party or candidate! That blind support gives them too much power with no accountability!

  2. Boy, I bet you must want the President to get sued for his pay raise if you think this Congress hasn’t earned its pay, huh?

    Lets see: he intentionally shortchanged the VA budget a few years ago by a few billion dollars (Congress had to do an emergency appropriation to fix it, maybe they earned their money then?). Then he tried to cut the funding for our most vulnerable elderly veterans by trying to cut funding for veterans homes by a few hundred million dollars. Under pressure from the administration, the VA wouldn’t spend all the money they had for mental health treatment (leaving many vets untreated for PTSD and Traumatic Brain Injury). He won’t reinstate the POW/MIA designation for our forces in Iraq and Afganistan, has tried to raise the cost of VA benefits repeatedly, employed a Defense Secretary that didn’t up-armor Humvees when he could’ve, and that’s just off the top of my head. Anyone around here actually know any of this?

    So, it was Congress that refunded the VA when the President shortchanged it intentionally, fixed the Walter Reed mess, got Humvees uparmored and forced through funding for the new heavier vehicles that will save hundreds or thousands of our heroes, investigated the lack of mental heath services for returning military personel, has INCREASED THE PRESIDENT’S MOST RECENT VA BUDGET REQEST BY 6 BILLION DOLLARS, and forced the administration to recognize and deal with the crisis we’re dealing with regarding Traumatic Brain Injury, and increased benefits for veterans.

    Now, did you know these things, or were you just ranting? I know you disagree with many in Congress regarding their view on the war (people like Republicans Lugar I guess). Are you aware of the things I stated above, and how do you deal with the fact that the Congress has had to repeatedly jump in to save soldiers and veterans from being screwed by this President? Please answer that question directly. Thank you.

  3. Now, ain’t that the truth. I’m with you!

  4. I want a pay raise for sitting on my ass and doing nothing but talking…and talking…and talking. Then again, the UN might be cooler because they get to travel more.

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