Media Round up on Iraq or lack thereof

It’s time for another news round up. Let’s see what the newspapers have for their headlines today about the War in Iraq and Afghanistan.

1.] The Washington Post

Supreme Court Strikes Schools Diversity Plan
In split decision, justices rule public schools cannot use race to decide where students attend classes.

White House Rejects Subpoenas
President asserts executive privilege, refuses demands for documents on prosecutor firings.

Immigration Vote Falls Short
Senate refuses to close debate and advance legislation to overhaul immigration laws.

Fed Leaves Key Rate Unchanged
For eighth straight time, Central Bank holds rate steady at 5.25% following a two-day meeting.

Explosions, Beheadings Roil Iraq
At least 22 killed by car bomb in Baghdad; 20 beheaded bodies discovered south of the capital.

FDA Bans Some China Seafood
Five species of imported fish and shrimp have been found to contain unsafe additives and drugs.

2.] The Washington Times

AP [Breaking Headlines]

3.] The New York Times

Use of Race in School Placement Curbed

Justices Reject Diversity Plans in Two Districts

In a decision of sweeping importance, the Supreme Court today sharply limited the ability of school districts to manage the racial makeup of the student bodies in their schools.

Justices End 96-Year-Old Ban on Price Floors

The Supreme Court ruled today that it is no longer automatically unlawful for manufacturers and distributors to agree on setting minimum prices.

Death Penalty for Delusional Murderer Blocked

Enforcing its edict against execution of the insane, a split Supreme Court today overturned the death sentence of Scott Louis Panetti, a delusional Texas murderer.

Senate Blocks Effort to Revive Immigration Overhaul

The Senate voted today to effectively block efforts to overhaul the nation’s immigration laws, meaning that the issue is most likely dead until after the 2008 elections.

F.D.A. Issues Alert on Chinese Seafood

Catfish, basa, shrimp, dace and eel from China will be allowed into the U.S. only if proven free of contamination.

White House Rebuffs Congress in Firings Inquiry

The White House said today that it was invoking executive privilege to reject subpoenas for documents.



4.] Los Angeles Times

Senate delivers death blow to immigration bill

The bill falls 14 votes short of the 60 needed to move to a final vote

Chief of air resource panel quits

Robert Sawyer has been under fire for global warming and air pollution policies.

Defense expert: Clarkson had gun

Lana Clarkson, not Spector, fired the fatal shot, a defense expert insists.

Rocket science

Celebrate the 4th of July with some good old-fashioned fireworks.

School diversity plans upended


The Supreme Court says neither white nor black kids should be turned away in pursuit of a “desired racial balance.”



5.] The ChicagoTribune

Sixth from the bottom of the Nation/World News page:

20 beheaded bodies found in Iraq
Twenty beheaded bodies were discovered Thursday on the banks of the Tigris River southeast of Baghdad.

6.] USA Today

Halfway down the main page on the right:

20 killed at bus station, 20 more bodies found in Iraq

[along with a picture of the damage]

7.0] The Boston Globe

Halfway down the page under World News:

Bombing kills 14 near Shi’ite shrine (By Robert H. Reid, Associated Press)

I guess the War is only important news when the Congressional blame game is in process. You would think every day there would be positive progress reports to help support our troops. This is the single biggest war effort nationwide in Iraq since the war started. But, there is little or no press coverage. Even that has no postive spin. Thank God for Michael Yon!

Next I’ll summarize Michael and the Fourth Rail.

[edited to add title, lol. we had a thunderstorm and saving to draft wouldn’t work, so I backpaged  and published. then like everything else in a life of PTSD, out of site, out of mind, lol. sorry folks!]


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