“US and Iraqi Army saved 24 orphaned boys!”

One point I have heard over and over from our troops about the Iraqi people is their love for their children. On countless blogs our troops have posted stories and pictures of the Iraqi that demonstrated this love. That is why I found myself so moved when I read about the members of the Fajr Neighborhood Advisory Council in Baghdad all crying over what they saw when they responded to a request by the Iraqi Army that their help was needed at a local Iraqi orphanage.

On June 10, 2007, the American military and the Iraqi Army were horrified when they went to an orphanage in a Baghdad neighborhood, Fajr. They found 24 naked boys, aged three to fifteen, severely malnourished, abused, and starving. Some were even tied to their beds. Once those tied up were released they were unable to stand. All were extremely weak.

The boys were in a darkened room that had no windows. Even more shocking was what they found in another room. The director and a guard, both men, and three women, who were supposed to be the care takers for the boys, were found in that room with enough food and clothes to care for all 24 boys. The boys had been moved to this orphanage because they were previously in a coed orphanage. The Iraqi believe boys and girls should not live together!

Go to this link and read the rest of this story.


~ by devildog6771 on June 21, 2007.

7 Responses to ““US and Iraqi Army saved 24 orphaned boys!””

  1. Is there a point?


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  4. Me too! CENTCOM has a picture of one of the kids receiving medical care. I can’t imagine the kind of animals who would do these things to children~

  5. That story’s shown up more on blogs than on any front-page news, which kind of disappoints me. It broke my heart more than any other story I’ve heard from the war. Unfortunately, since there’s no demand for this story, there’s likely no follow up, but a part of me is dying to find out what sick-twisted motive they could have had to starve these children.

  6. This was a very sad story. I started not to post it. but I decided otherwise. I couldn’t believe anyone would do such s thing.

  7. Wasn’t that something special?! It should have been plastered all over the news.

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