Cami-Dog and Puff Mouse report on the capture of an Al-Qaeda operative

Meet Cami-Dog and Puff Mouse. They are my newest site contributors. They have an update from the front in Iraq to share with us all.

My name is Cami-Dog. Don’t let my apparent indifference fool you. I’m a mean, green fighting machine. I am a LCpl in the USMC stationed in Iraq. Devildog6771 is my C.O.

Darn sand fleas! Oops, sorry! Now where was I? Oh yeah, I am a Marine Recon dog!

I just got back from a secret mission. We captured this Al-Qaeda operative.

He doesn’t look so brave now does he? I’m sending this one to CNN and Al-Jazeera!

That’s my buddy, puff mouse. See how brave this terrorist looks now? Keep an eye on him puff!

Just like Devildog6771, I am skilled in hand-to-hand combat. This guy thought I was asleep. He tried to slip up on me and cut my throat!

By playing possum, I got the jump on him. Damn, I hate filling out those incident reports. I just know CNN and all those anti war types will try to claim I tortured this guy!

Phew, nothing like a good workout! He never knew what hit him.

He thinks I haven’t noticed his escape attempt. Wait!….Wait!

He! He! He! Gotcha! That’s a boy, puff!

Argh! That was a nice nap! Just remember, our motto, Semper Fi! Please keep sending us those cards, letters, and care packages. They mean so much to us. Tell everyone back home we need their support too.

Puff and I will post another report from the front soon!


~ by devildog6771 on June 15, 2007.

19 Responses to “Cami-Dog and Puff Mouse report on the capture of an Al-Qaeda operative”

  1. Johnston45, Cami says thank you for your kind words of support. More is coming!

  2. Cami-dog rocks!! Can’t wait to read more news flashes!

  3. Cami and Puff are on another mission. We are of course under “blackout” for the protection of the mission. But as soon as they return I’ll do an update. Later I have a couple things She wanted posted. By the way, Cami loves “Beef Jerky” and puff likes “Cheese-its!”

  4. Way to go Cami-dog and Puff Mouse! Keep up the great work! We love our 4 footed HERO’s too!

  5. Hey DevilDog, I shot you out an email. Let me know what you want in the box besides mouth wash and cammo gear! 😉

  6. Grate job, Cami-Dog and Puff Mouse!! We cats bak home are furry prowd of you for yore serviss. Thank you!!!

    Finnegan & Buddy

  7. The news is so depressing sometimes. I just wanted to do something different. I’m trying to get some cami so I can make her a hat, little pants, and a vest. Then I want to get her some GI Joe gear. It will be so cool! Cami has a lot to say to defend our troops and support the war effort.

  8. Oh, I am loving this!! It’s just great. 😀 Thanks!!

  9. Lol, Cami is just beside herself. She just feels all the love and support.

  10. I sure hope Cami doesn’t catch a case of the Liberal Drive-By media blues by capturing one of the media’s mouthpieces………lol nice post

  11. I feel better knowing that Cami and Puff are on the job!!
    Well done!! You do us proud!!

    (I’ve got a couple of Congress critters I’d like to introduce you to – oh wait! Nevermind! They’d make you awful sick…)

  12. That was amazing. YEY! Cami-Dog and Puff Mouse, I knew you would get the al quaeda opperative. Stay safe and keep your helmets on. Don’t play cat and mouse, in case it’s a trap.

  13. That was cute. Can’t wait for the next episode.

  14. Leave it to the Marines to get the job done devildog6771.
    As someone else said…you are scary, look mean, but a nice
    operative. Sempi Fi.


  15. I knew it!!! I always suspected he was al quaeda opperative. I could just never get any proof. Way to bust him Cami-Dog and Puff Mouse. You guys are awesome. Stay safe and keep your helmets on.

  16. […] Send in the Marines […]

  17. Oh gosh, a turf war, lol! Cavmom, maybe you can send a little of that new Crest mouthwash. It is supposed to do a good job of removing the crud from your mouth.

  18. WTG! Do I need to send you something to get the nasty taste of the evil Al-Qaeda operative out of your mouth?

  19. Hahahaha…LOVED it…It really warms this alien’s heart (yea I DO have one despite vicious rumours to the contrary!) to know that Camo-Dog and Puff Mouse are defending our freedom. I sleep easier at night knowing this…

    Thanks for the intel. I’ll be sure and pass this on to more of our allies so they KNOW you got their backs.

    And just because I can: Rangers lead the way!!!

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