GOE makes a great showing as guests of Rolling Thunder in the “20th Anniversary”of their “Run to the Wall!”

Here’s my report on the GOE – Rolling Thunder Event yesterday. It was a day that did not turn out as I had planned, but still an awesome one in the end. I don’t have any Eagle Pictures, but I have a lot of Rolling Thunder pictures and pictures of the Monuments, the Wall, and  handmade Memorial Quilt for Agent Orange  Victims, plus a picture of the husband/wife team that made it.

It was what started out as a bummer of a day that turned into a very moving one. I say this because with all the people there, the bikes, the tourists, there was this permeating air of reverance throughout the area. You could almost touch it. The only sounds loud enough to break this were the Rolling Thunder Bikes and the traffic. It was obvious I was not the only one aware of the 58,000 “+” names on that Wall.

Well, I made for the last 30 minutes, sigh! My son had to work. My daughter had plans and my darn van over heated last night so I was afraid to trust it. But, never fear, I would take a bus. Yeah, right! They were on strike! But an agreement had been reached the recording said for service to resume at 1:00 pm my time. Go figure!

MY wonderful daughter decided she would drive me there. I finally convinced her to go with me. She agreed. But by this time we were looking at 10:30 with an hour and a half drive. So while she got a quick shower, I got my meds at the drug store.. Off we went.

We drove to Springfield and parked their. We then took the subway from Springfield to the Smithsonian. When we stepped out of the subway station there, it was stifling. We rapidly walked to the Lincoln memorial. Rolling Thunder was everywhere. They were awesome. I just love a biker “dude!” He! He! He! Too bad all those “dudes” had a “chick” with them! Oh well, it was a nice fantasy, lol. At 2:30 we finally made it to the Lincoln Memorial. Rolling Thunder was everywhere but …duh! Where are the Eagles? Where are their booths?

My daughter was upset with me. A lady “Thunder” told us the event was tomorrow. Turns out she meant their parade. There was a stage and this awesome guy singing. There were booths everywhere manned by Rolling Thunder people. The steps of the Lincoln Memorial was loaded with people. There were bikes everywhere. Hhnmm? Do they call them bikes or “hogs?” Heck if I know. There were leather vests and jean clad men and women all around the Monument, the Washington Monument Reflecting, the “Wall,” and the World War II Memorial. Interspersed among all the bikes, and the men and women of Rolling Thunder and their families, were tourists everywhere. Not a single A.N.S.W.E.R. banner in sight! But, where is the Gathering of Eagles?

There was also a Festival going on with booths everywhere in the area where they were set up. People milled around going from booth to  both at both locations. Many were just bunches of young people. Others were parents with their kids, licking pop-cicles or drinking water bottles or slurping snow cones! Where are the Eagles?

I had to go to the bathroom so bad I almost pretended to fall in the Reflecting Pool. Finally I found a row of port-a-potties. Can you believe it, they were all locked! There I stood, soaked in sweat from the walk from the subway, my daughter trying to get me to “hydrate!” All I could think of at that point was I can’t hold back mother nature much longer. If I hydrate another drop, it will all be over! The Reflecting Pool looked better and better every second! Where are the Eagles? Maybe that lady Thunder was right!!??

Praiiiiiise God! My daughter found a bathroom at the Lincoln Memorial. We went in. Surprisingly, with all those thousands of people milling around, it was not only empty; but, the seat was dry and the place was clean! Yeess! You know sometimes we forget to enjoy the simple things in life!

So now I am back to doing my Eagles search. After checking several booths with Rolling Thunder folks, I was sent to speak to a gentleman in a white shirt and tie. Well, I didn’t find the Eagles. I did find “the” Eagle, Mr. L.B.! I introduced myself. He thanked me for doing so. Then I asked what had become a mantra at that point, “Where are the Eagles?  Where are their booths?”

He informed me that we were guests of Rolling Thunder. That both Eagles and Thunder helped with the great show on stage. He also told me that the Eagles made a grand show of it. We didn’t set up booths. To put it plainly the Eagles had flown the coop so to speak. I was just too late, lol! Besides it was Thunder’s day. Today marks the twentieth Anniversary of “Rolling Thunder.”

You all might go by their site and let them know what a grand job they do and offer them a hearty Happy Twentieth Anniversary. Today was their day!


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