A new post from Michael Yon – Great News from the Front

I just got the latest e-mail dispatch from Michael Yon who is now embedded with the British Troops near Haddamiya in the Anbar Province. Though there have been British casualties and an even greater number of American casualties, things are really beginning to be rather quiet in the region. According to Michael, the British are beginning to turn over the Province to the local Iraqi Military. Of course that means that fewer British troops are needed in the region.

The enemy is trying hard to put across quite the opposite point. They are trying to say they are succeeding in driving the British out. In fact, things are going so well in Anbar that the British are now able to redeploy some troops to Afghanistan to help quell the enemies latest attempt to re-surge there.

Michael’s observations with regard to the media are disturbing to say the least. The media has all but abandoned the region, not enough headlines news. But now, according to Michael, is when we really need the media to report on the region. Both the Iraqi and America need to know we are beginning to finally turn the tide in Iraq. We need to do more of what the enemy does so well, public relations through the media.

Please go to Michael’s Journal and read, “Maysan,”. It is a great post and it shows that our troops are winning the War in Iraq. If only we could get the media to report the actual truth about Iraq! You might consider making a donation to help Michael continue his embedded coverage of the war.


~ by devildog6771 on May 23, 2007.

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