Sgt. England clarifies events in Las Vegas Air Port Terminal

Sgt. Mark T. England posted a comment that provides more accurate details with regard to the events which occurred in the Las Vegas airport terminal:

Just to let everyone know this was not over a cup of soda… I misuderstood the TSA liquids ban, because everytime I’ve flown since the ban went into effect, I was allowed to take a drink through security that I had bought at the airport. I didn’t know the rule, because different airports and TSA checkpoint interpret the rule however they want to.

As for my complaint about the TSA supervisor, it was not about the soda. He explained the rule and I complied, but he also claimed to be a LT in the Army and refused to show ID. I showed mine when asked about my military status, but he was given 4 chances to produce something any soldier carries on them at all times and he refused 4 times. That is why I came back to file a complaint/report.

SGT Mark T. England

Cavmedic68w20 said this on May 20th, 2007 at 12:47 pm

I know we all hope this issue is resolved in Sgt. England’s favor. He is in our prayers.


~ by devildog6771 on May 20, 2007.

4 Responses to “Sgt. England clarifies events in Las Vegas Air Port Terminal”

  1. This is all good but whether the sergeant was right or wrong, did he deserved a beating? Once the smoke of he was wrong or they were wrong, the beating! Is this how a police officer resolves right or wrong statements? Remember trained police officer. Simply, sir get back to your baording gate or leave the airport. Failure to do so will subject you to arrest, non compliance, sir you are under aresst for………… Throwing down a dollar bill that weighed a feather was the wrong thing to do in order to difuse a situation. Oh that right, a police officer is trained to defuse not escalate.

  2. If he would have thrown his drink away, and followed regulation, went and got on his flight, that also would have been the end of the incident, wouldn’t it? I have a problem with this quote by Sgt England which I took from another forum…….England said “I know it sounds weird, but I have a problem being in the military and having some civilian tell me I’m wrong when I actually thought I was right,” ….. Sort of sets the tone for the events that followed doesn’t it?

  3. The TSA Agent implied he was active military and an LT. The question over the drink was quickly and quietly resolved. But when someone tells a person they are active military and out rank an individual but are in civies, then there is room for questions. The Taser and man handling only began when the Sgt. asked where their boss was so he could file a complaint. If this had been a woman or some other civilian, what kind of response do you think the public would have made?

    I have had store clerks threaten to call the police on me for simply requesting to speak to the store manager because she was in the wrong and knew. Of course when I told her I would loan her my cell phone, she changed her attitude.

    What surprises me is no one has had a comment about other TSA Agents standing nearby laughing while this TSA Agent assaulted a soldier! Everyone has a “right” to file a complaint if they feel their service was not appropriate. Had the Agent simply let the Sgt. continue on his way to the Agent’s boss to voice his complaint, that would have been the end of the incident.

  4. Quite possibly this TSA Agent was retired or left the military. Obviously he was not enlisted or he wouldn’t be working security at an airport. My step-father retired as a MSgt and I dont think he carries any ID that verifies that, nor would he feel obligated to prove it. Sgt England has no authority in the airport to question their security staff. My opinion, a control personality who didnt get his way, and its everyones fault but his own. Very unbecoming behavior, and it all could have been avoided by just simply walking away.

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