Shimkus beaned for likening Iraq to Cubs-Cards game

Americans against Escalation in Iraq has blasted Illinois Republican John Shimkus according to an article by the Chicago Tribune. The article, “Shimkus beaned for likening Iraq to Cubs-Cards game,” probably hit too close to home for The Democrats and the anti-war people who want to portray Bush as the bad guy and themselves as the good guys. Here is what Shimkus said before Americans against Escalation in Iraq twisted it all around:

“Imagine my beloved St. Louis Cardinals are playing the much despised Chicago Cubs. The Cardinals are up by five, finishing the top of the ninth. Is this a cause for celebration? Is this a cause for victory? No. Unbelievable as it may seem, the Cubbies score five runs in the bottom of the ninth to throw the games into extra innings.
“There the score remains until 1:00 a.m. five innings later. However, at the top of the 15th, the Cardinals fail to field a batter. The entire team has left the stadium. It seems that they are more worried about next day’s 1:00 p.m. game at home than finishing the game at hand.”

Who wins? We know it’s the team that stays on the field. Arbitrary deadlines and a date certain accept defeat before the conclusion of the contest. It is our national security interest that continue to take the field and support a moderate Arab state. Leaving prior assures a loss for us and victory for our opponents which will lead to another extremist Islamic state.”

Americans against Escalation in Iraq took offense that Shimkus compared the Democratic plans for micro managing the war in Iraq to “an imaginary baseball game!” I quote from the Times:

“Congressman Shimkus, war is not a game,” said Americans against Escalation in Iraq. “By comparing a war in Iraq to baseball, Rep. Shimkus has demonstrated he is just as out of touch with the reality of the situation in Iraq as President Bush.”

The group added,

“No one gets killed in a Cardinals vs. Cubs games.”

I say “if the shoe fits then wear it! It’s about time someone in Congress displayed a sense of reality about the conduct of late in Congress! Even John Warner has seemed to lose his sense of perspective and jumped ship.When did Congress become all about “the party” and what’s best for the “party” at the expense of what’s best for the “country?”

So who or what is Americans against Escalation in Iraq?

About Us:

Americans Against Escalation in Iraq is a national campaign comprised of a variety groups from across the political spectrum that are committed to opposing the Bush-McCain plan to escalate the war in Iraq and to work for the responsible redeployment of American forces. Americans Against Escalation in Iraq includes Veterans, students, some of the nation’s leading anti-war voices, and progressive organizations which traditionally confine their activity to domestic issues. Many of the organizations coming together to lead Americans Against Escalation in Iraq include those which successfully mounted a national campaign in 2005 to defeat President Bush’s effort to privatize Social Security. Using that same campaign model, these organizations are joining with more traditional anti-war forces, Veterans and students to mount this campaign because the stakes are so high and because the future of a generation of Americans is on the line.
Americans Against Escalation in Iraq, which includes the Service Employees International Union, MoveOn.orgPolitical Action,, Center for American Progress Action Fund, US Action, Win Without War, Campaign for America’s Future, the United States Student Association, Working Assets”, and Americans United for Change has banded together to launch a multi million dollar effort in thirty states to apply pressure through paid advertising and a firestorm of grassroots mobilization opposing President Bush on his plan for escalating the war and on Members of Congress who must stand up to the President and insist on a policy which responsibly brings our troops home.

I am sure you all recognize most of these “leftist” organizations. You can get plenty information about them at Discoverthe If you look each of them up you will find that some, very well known ones at that, are nothing more than a “money launderer” for funds for the Democratic Party. However, sadly, you will also see that the Democratic Party is now owned by the Shadow Democratic Party which is financed by George Soros. Also, The SEIU is the largest Labor Union in America. It cannot survive without tax increases and “big government” because that is where it gets its money. American Socialism is very much alive and thriving in our government workers. Its members are in a position of be able to greatly influence our politicians. They do take advantage of this.

An interesting point is the way A.N.S.W.E.R. and Workers World Party by proxy have managed to persuade these groups to join forces. Mostly, the appeal is due to their recruitment of minorities in every ethnic, racial, religious, and gender. Of all the organizations involved in the alliances, A.N.S.W.E.R. refuses to discuss the source of its funding. The W.W.P., its benefactor, is very small and is a Stalinist organization which also is unable or rather unwilling to account for the massive funds needed for all its activities!

I have to applaud Shimkus for his very accurate analogy. Every piece of legislation Congress [the Democrats] has tried to pass regarding the military and the War on Terror and the War in Iraq have effectively said we see no real threat globally. And, we are losing in Iraq. This message is like a daily religious function with them even though the Generals in the field say different.

Right now, remote regions in Iraq are experiencing an upsurge of enemy activity because the early phases of the effort in Baghdad is paying off. The enemy is making hasty retreat from Baghdad to these out lying regions. With more troops properly placed, a squeeze could be put on the enemy and effectively surround them. But the Democratic Congressional members want to leave the field before the game ends!

I have to offer my salute to the Chicago Tribune for this article which is both fair and informative with regards to the Congressional “quagmire!”


~ by devildog6771 on May 18, 2007.

2 Responses to “Shimkus beaned for likening Iraq to Cubs-Cards game”

  1. Yes, Debbie, it does appear to be a very long summer. I visit the “Dems” benefactor websites frequently. They are planning an all out effort over the summer to jam the “end the war now” and get out now” line down the throats of every politician who presently supports the President.

    They also intend to wear down public opinion and support by a constant barrage of negative news about the war and reports of the “bought and paid for” anti-war peace movement!

  2. True life copies newspaper article. Laat year at the White Sox Vs Red Sox game aka Extra Innings Game from Hell, I told my 8yo DD, it’s against the “rules” for any one to leave a ball game in extra innings. And BTW I teach my DD to alwayas play to WIN any game. No loser mentality here, I guess I’ll have to send Congress a copy of what’s on my wall (in the kitchen btw) of Chesty Puller’s advice “Focus on what you WANT. NOT what you Don’t Want. Never Focus on Defeat, Only Success.” Our Congress is focused only on Defeat, and ….. (oh, $hit getting up to resupply my emergency stash- It’s gonna be a loooooong summer)

    And the Cubs are beating the WS on their home turf in the 2nd of the Crosstown Classics….It’s gonna be a looooooong summer.

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