Debbie said it Better!

I have been trying for months to write a post that simply would not flow right. I think that is because the topic is so important to me. Today I found a post by another blogger that does a very impressive job of conveying many of my own thoughts lately.

Inches Away from Sanity Blog has a post, “Reading- A Book That Is, ‘The Dunces of Doomsday'” that you have to read. Here’s a little excerpt:

I am Afraid that the US people will never wake up to the threat of Islamic terrorism. There are nuclear bombs and materials in al-Qaeda hands. Al-Qaeda is well funded. They are intelligent. They are planning to use them against the US. They have the patience to out wait the US citizens who live in the American Idol moment. Al-Qaeda began amassing nuclear weapon in 1992, purchased in Africa, Chechnya, China, Kazakhstan ,Russia, Turkmenistan, and the Ukraine, Pakistan. “ Bin Laden did not get a fatwa, to keep it in a desk drawer. He did not obtain nuclear weapons to store then in a cave. And he did not declare war without intent to achieve victory. “ ( that “V”word that the Democrats have removed from their dictionary)…..

In keeping with the Islamic law of “parity” an eye for an eye- 4 million Americans must die. A figure that has been calculated by a leading al-Qaeda…..

I have learned why the date of September 11th is an important Bin Laden. The Muslims Turks were at gates of Vienna when they were stopped by the great Polish King John Sobieski and 30,000 Polish hussars on a day that marks the high point of Muslim expansion in Europe. September 11, 1683….

Go check out the rest of Debbie’s post. I warn you in advance, it will make you really think!


~ by devildog6771 on May 18, 2007.

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