A comment by a Muslim reader – My response

Back on December 9, 2006, I wrote a post titled,
“The Religion of Peace?” reacts to the Popes visit to Turkey
. I had just read a post at Planck’s Constant, “Turkish Protests of Pope Visit”. After reading Planck’s post, I wrote about my reaction to the following picture from that post:

Today I got a comment from a Muslim reader, Shanaz:

Dear writer I was extremely saddened by your lack of faith within the Muslim community. Without any biased opinion may I say that the Muslims in this instance are reacting through emotion as are you (which is something that Islam tries not to encourage). I can understand you took offense to the sign this lady displayed, however i cannot apologize for someone else’s actions nor is it fair for you to judge and section off all Muslims as ‘these Muslims’. The reason that the Muslim communities usually stay together is because they understand each other and it is easier especially for the older generation to feel comfortable and make friends. However when you referred to Muslims being forbidden to go outside the Islamic teachings I was confused by this. Did you mean Islam forbids Muslims to break away from their duties as Muslims or that that they are not to interact with people from a non Muslim society? It made no sense to me as our final prophet Muhammed(PBUH)was continuously interacting, forgiving and respectful to each and every non Muslim regardless of all the hardship he faced. Muslims do ask for respect i really don’t agree that they demand it, as unlike most other religions the people of Islam work very hard to stay focused and obedient to God yes they may make mistakes however the majority of Muslims are just trying to carry on with their lives with the fear that they may not be fulfilling Gods wishes and demands, if Muslims were to become ‘layed back’ and allow cartoons such as south park to make fun of the prophet(s) then our lives in this world would be easy however what would happen to us in the next? If Christians truly believe in Jesus and the last day then they really shouldn’t tolerate this behavior either it doesn’t reflect well and show much self respect. It is always hard to keep a religion strong all the prophets suffered and faced hardship as do the Muslims of today. The Muslims, Christians, Jews etc of today should not have to forget or adjust their teachings and become more westernized to get along. At the end of the day we are all part of the same race and that is the human race.

Do take care and please try not to judge us all in the future. Also let me assure you that this was not an effort to cause offense so if any was caused i do apologize in advance.

P.S. I hope this response has left you feeling a little less repulsed by Muslims

shanaz said this on May 17th, 2007 at 8:59 am

In response to Shanaz’s comment I responded in the following manner:

Shanaz, I take no offense at your post. Perhaps I did a poor job of getting across my point. The Muslim Fundamentalists are the Muslims I was referring to in my post. Neither of us can deny that they are openly in a state of jihad and that their goal is to convert the entire world to radical Islam.

Though there may be other cultural short comings that are causing this rise of extremism, little can be done to work on those issues when these Muslims not only kill non-Muslims, but other Muslims, too, case in point Iraq and Afghanistan.

I would like to additionally add a few more things:

This is the Islamic extremist world view!

Islamic 100 year plan

Then there are these photos of “the infidel conquerors and their victims:”

……and two of my favorites:

…notice the tear of joy in this last photo!

Presently in Iraq, more and more Iraqi are getting sick and tired of these extremists killing ordinary Muslims. No culture, be it Christian, Muslim, Jewish, or some other faith can survive if it fails to develop educationally, culturally, economically, and technologically. Disease, poverty, and hopelessness eventually begin to destroy that culture.

In closing, I don’t hate all Muslims. O just fond it very hard to sit back and ignore the ravings of fanatics who kill and want to kill and destroy me and my nation. I further find it hard to be patient or understanding with anyone who has the audacity to tell me I must convert to their faith where I will live “protected” in a lesser status or die.

I have no patience with men or a belief system that holds no respect for its women. Nor do I have a great deal of respect for a Religion, any religion, which teaches its followers values that in effect allows them to make Godly Judgements on people. The sin of Adam and Eve was not eating the “apple.” The sin was placing themselves at the same level as God when they gave in to Satan.


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