OIF Hero SGT Mark England beaten & tased by Las Vegas Police at McCarran Airport

Buying a hot dog and soda turned out costing a soldier much more than the $3.25 he originally paid! SGT Mark T. England, an Iraq war veteran was preparing to leave Las Vegas after a doing some sight seeing and gambling during a weekend NASCAR event. What happened at the airport defies anyones imagination!

Here are a few excerpts from an article posted in the

Iraq war veteran tells of beating at airport

Soldier accuses Las Vegas police

“you can’t take a soda through the security checkpoint even if you have a receipt. You can, however, purchase a drink after passing through the checkpoint.”
Things were fairly calm still at this point!

“He said the officer hit him multiple times with the baton, breaking three ribs on his left side and injuring his hand and head. Another officer then shocked him with a Taser at least three times, England said.”

How did things get so,out of hand? During his tour in Iraq in 2004, SGT England sustained only a hand injury.

When England was released from the Clark County jail the next day, he was bruised and looked horrible, said his friend Ken Dorton who bailed him out.

“My first reaction was, ‘Oh my god. What did they do to you?’ ” said Dorton. He said England had dried blood on his hand and face and a swollen eye.”

All this over a cup of soda?


Cat is my co-pilot has a great post, OIF Hero SGT Mark England beaten & tased by Las Vegas Police at McCarran Airport on this story.

Doc in the Box also has a post, OIF Hero SGT Mark England beaten & tased by Las Vegas Police at McCarranrport.


~ by devildog6771 on May 16, 2007.

43 Responses to “OIF Hero SGT Mark England beaten & tased by Las Vegas Police at McCarran Airport”

  1. i kinda think i know the cop that did that to him

  2. While I may not agree with some of the Sgt’s. actions, I still say you do not grab a war returnee from behind without warning. Have you, the 12 TSA agents and their Supervisor, and the 3 Metro cops ever been to combat? If any of you have, then you ought to know better. What I want to know is why didn’t the “Lt.” step in and use some of his previous officer skills to diffuse the situation?

    Say what you will; but, you guys made mistakes in judgement too! Why not accept it like men?

  3. If you are to believe the SGT this is what you have to believe.

    -He was polite the whole entire time, he never yelled and was never aggressive in his speaking despite the objections of 12 TSA agents and 3 Metro officers
    -The TSA Supervisor, despite being a Retired Lt. Lied about being in the Army
    -There is no such thing as calling yourself a Lt. when you are retired.
    -England was not drunk despite 12 TSA Officers, myself and 3 Metro Officers swearing on affidavits that they all thought he was drunk
    -England was not aggressive or threatening when demanding the supervisor’s supervisor
    -The Metro Officers intentions of taking england to an area about 25 feet away from his podium was not to talk to him privately to avoid further embarrassment to the SGT, but because there is no good camera angles there and he plans on beating the SGT
    -There isn’t another camera located to the left of the incident that gives a clearer picture
    -England showed absolutely no resistance at all when the Metro officer tried to handcuff him
    -The TSA directed people away from the checkpoint, not to protect England from being trampled, but so that there could be no witnesses
    -All 12 TSA Agents were told what to say, or otherwise phrased their statements to match with this story
    -Both Metro Officers abused him for no good reason
    -The TSA and Metro conspired together to come up with a story to make England look bad

  4. still amazing you all dont get it….it blows my mind….. wake the “F” up

  5. Hhmm! Another great post on this issue. From my perspective, I’m inclined to agree with you. I’m from a family of law enforcement officers. None of them ever had to resort to this type of physical actions to apprehend a prisoner. Yet I know from them that at times officers have had to do so. It is just that reading through this all again, also reminded me of those rare officers on our force before who did abuse their power and were gotten rid of.

    I still say that only a fool would grab a new war returnee from behind without expecting this might cause an unexpected reaction! There was no reason that the official involved couldn’t have faced the Sgt., told him what he intended, and then done so. He was not lacking in help if he needed it!

    • He was told he was under arrest. He was instructed to turn around and he refused. Perhaps those beers he had drank was effecting his judgment. When he refused to turn around and continued to be loud and curse the officer went about effecting the arrest.

  6. Oh, and Jeff…apparently you have not been on the receiving end of dehumanizing treatment by peace officers. It is akin to rape.

    And by the way, Sgt. England’s pride in serving our country ought to show his honor and credibility. So many times losers are unfairly beaten by cops that we do not believe them because of their station in life.

    Now we have someone whom we can believe over the ordinary riffraff and you attack his credibility because he is credible. Give me a break.

  7. Abuse of power bothers me a great deal so when I see a blatant example, its hard for me not to exercise my First Amendment Right:

    Letter to the editor of the Las Vegas Review Journal:

    Metropolitan police officers physically attacked National Guard Sergeant Mark England with a nightstick and taser at McCarran International Airport earlier this year. Deputy Chief Kathleen Suey now claims that the officers did nothing wrong and that Sergeant England brought the beating on himself because he used a “loud raised voice and constant profanities.” According to Las Vegas Metro, I suppose we are supposed to understand that exercising our freedom of speech in the United States justifies a severe beating.

    Well why not allow our peace officers to beat a man for speaking? After researching Review Journal articles from the last two years, we apparently allow cops to shoot and kill handcuffed, unarmed, children in the back, as in the case of 17-year-old Swuave Lopez in May of 2006.

    More recently, a pregnant 24-year-old mother, Denise Glascow, who allegedly wielded a knife was shot by officers. I say allegedly because non-officer witnesses state that she was not carrying a knife. Officers used beanbags and tasers on her, but apparently, their training with such was not as effective as their training with their side arms. Denise and her unborn child died from the bullet wounds.

    Judge Dredd is a futuristic comic book figure whose duty is to be a judge, jury, and executioner. Seems some of our officers idolize such behavior. Their bosses sanction it with “paid administrative leaves” and findings that the officers followed “correct department procedures”.

    Meanwhile, Iraq War veteran Sergeant England, defender of our freedoms, gets beaten for exercising his First Amendment fundamental right. Sergeant England correctly states that, had he beaten an Iraqi soldier like he was beaten, he would be in Leavenworth Military Prison right now. He hopes that the good that comes from his attack is a change in department policy regarding use of force.

    Now, because he continues to exercise his freedom of speech with the media to voice his ire at the thuggery he endured, the police are asking the district attorney to pursue charges against him.

    Anthony M. Wright, Esq.


  8. Let’s just agree that you want his head on a platter and leave it at that!

  9. Come on PTSD? Or maybe he had a bad childhood…Or maybe he was beaten when he was a kid..Or poss he was H.U.A. ( Head up ass).Thats it H.U.A.

  10. It does seem alcohol may have been involved. He may very well be presenting facts as he remembers them, just not clearly. He might even be at the early stages of PTSD and is in denial and using this as a means of focus and coping. When I first got PTSD, I had a few instances of over reaction to situations that I now know were my fault; but due to the PTSD I was unaware at the time. There is also the political angle to consider!

  11. I think I would be more in support of England if his story didn’t change on a regular basis and from post to post. Not other posters postings, but his own and those of his wife. I cannot take his wife’s account of these events into consideration at all, she was not present. Some posts he said he had been drinking alcohol, others he said he had not. He also doesn’t seem to remember what type of soda he had, mt dew or sprite. When recanting the reason he went to the counter after missing his flight he has stated that he went to get clarification of the liquids ban in some posts and others said that he went to file a complaint about the TSA agent not showing him a military ID. Seems that all three of those would be events that would not differ from posting to posting unless you are trying to bend your story to gain support for your issue. I still do not understand how a dollar bill was mistaken for a boarding pass and then actually handed to the TSA agent. I wonder if alcohol actually did play into this, possibly, and it would explain some issues. I am sure a blood alcohol was not performed tho. Personally I feel they cut him some slack by not arresting him. Im still anxious to see the $$$ amount attached to a lawsuit that I am sure hey are going to file because it is my opinion that it is basically what all this boils down to.

  12. I think I clarified my present position pretty well in my last comment. Maybe you misunderstood my post!

  13. Jeff, You are 100% correct. This all would not have happened if Mr. England ( I refuse to call him Sgt.) Just would have done what he was told. Yes, police officers don’t go around hitting people & tasing them. Hey Devil Dog. The Orange County Regester printed Mr england’s story. He said in his story ” He gave the officer a dollar bill for a boarding pass. The officer slapped it out of his hand, Mr England told the officer ” pick it up!”.
    I saw the viedo. It’s very bad copy. You see this officer get into the ready with his PR 24 he hits Mr. England then another officer comes to the officers aid…And tases Mr England (the TASER is a wounderfull tool).Like Jeff said Mr England is full of himself and so are his supporters…Lets be real…ACLU what the F___k do they know!..You never see them represent dead officers familys or drunk drivers that kill officers…all I have to say case closed Mr. England got what he deserved…NEXT..

  14. Jeff, have you ever heard the little bit about the meaning or result of “assume?” It goes something like this, when you assume you make an “ass” out of “u” and “me!” If you have read all posts here then you know I am from a law enforcement family. Like any other profession, most officers are hard working and dedicated. A rare few are not.

    I prefer to go by facts at hand, not guess work. I will support a person or cause with a particular stand until facts, not opinion,change, then I will alter my support accordingly. That does not make me a police hater.

    The additional facts in this case have changed and I now have changed my view.

    This is something I have done often and hopefully will continue to do so. As an example, I used to be a very big fan and supporter of Hillary Clinton. But certain facts I have discovered and a lot of research to verify these facts has shown me she no longer deserves my support. I do not base my support along political lines. I believe blind support to any cause gives too much empowerment to that cause, person.

  15. Unbelievable, Sgt. England I appreciate the job that you do in the National Guard but you sure are making a big ruckus over something that you started and made worse. You are at fault! You disobeyed the liquid ban policy (I understand it’s not really a big deal, i’m sure it happens many times a day but you should know better). You used foul language (again, not a huge deal). Now the problem, you were being taken into custody. The officer was attempting to handcuff you. You have absolutely no right to resist arrest whether you think it’s lawful or unlawful. You did resist arrest… actively because you said yourself you dipped your shoulder and backed away from the officer, a uniformed officer who was attempting to take you into custody. Now, we don’t see exactly what happened during the arrest attempt, we only hear your story. Do you really expect people of a sound mind (not these police haters or your family) to believe you did absolutely nothing else to cause the officer to draw his baton and strike you. Why would this officer risk losing his career for just another non-complying idiot like yourself??? I’m sure in Las Vegas he faces people who are jerks all the time. Do you think he takes swings at everyone? Come on, give it a rest. You messed up. You are wrong. You are responsible for this. You were tased because you weren’t complying with commands. You can bs people who haven’t been tased into believing that you are not able to do anything after being tased. That is a bunch of huey. Look up video demonstrations of people being tased. People who aren’t acting (you my friend are acting) will be able to get up after being tased. You could surely roll over and comply with officers so that they may handcuff you. Why would they take the chance coming up to you again if you already resisted once. They aren’t going to fight with someone when they can have the upper hand and make them comply without going hands on again. I think brining your service in the national guard into this is a disgrace for all of us in the National Guard. In fact what you are doing is using this as a disclaimer. You are saying you are not capable of acting in such a manner to deserve this treatment because you are a national guardsman… much like some criminals may put DARE stickers or Jesus stickers on their vehicles to deter any suspicion that they are criminals. Moral of the story… You made several mistakes. You whine about the police needing to be accountable when you are the one that needs to take accountability for all of your actions that caused this situation. Grow up. Learn from this and try not to bash our heroes on U.S. soil because it really makes you look like a moron.

  16. No, it wasn’t in the video’s, basically only the confrontation at the security walk thru and the confrontation with the baton and tasers were in the videos. I have read many blogs that the Englands have encouraged people to start, and my statement above is a collective from the blogs that they have posted in. It seems that their story is different from blog to blog and none gives all details. Most of that info is from a radio talk show that England participated in. The verdict is back from the police department, and the officers were found innocent. Anytime the ACLU is involved it sends up a red flag to me. It is interesting that the Englands are in bed with the ACLU after the ACLU filed a lawsuit to allow Phelps church to protest at military funerals. No one wins brownie points with me these days by questioning a TSA agent who’s job is to enforce airport regulations or by telling a security agent that something is F***’d up when you are given an answer that you don’t like. This situation could have been avoided if Sgt England would have followed the rules without feeling that he had the authority to question them. Being in the military or serving in Iraq doesn’t mean that ANY securtiy staff has to answer to him. It sickens me that they are using his service in the military to gain sympathy and push this agenda.

  17. Was this all in the videos? I can’t access the video’s for some reason?

  18. I haven’t missed the point. He was tasered and manhandled after he cursed to the TSA agent and after he rolled away when they attempted to handcuff him. The boarding pass was mentioned in another forum. When ask for his boarding pass he went into his pocket and pulled out a dollar bill, then a locker ticket before giving them the boarding pass. Here is a quote that possible you haven’t seen either..England said “I know it sounds weird, but I have a problem being in the military and having some civilian tell me I’m wrong when I actually thought I was right,” ….. Sort of sets the tone for the events that followed doesn’t it?

  19. I still say you have missed the point here. Sgt. England WAS NOT TASERED OR MAN HANDLED until he ask where he needed to go to file a complaint. He was given that information. As he was walking away to exercise his right to speak to that TSA agent’s boss, the physical actions took place. He was grabbed from behind. If the TSA agents wanted to escort him to that agent’s supervisor, all they needed to say was come with me and I will take you to the Supervisor. That required no force. There has been no previous mentioning of boarding passes etc., so I do not get that comparison here.

  20. Who says that this TSA agent wasnt a retired or inactive LT in the military? Does he lose his rank because he is no longer on active duty? I think not!! My stepfather retired as a MSgt and never, to my knowledge, carried a military ID with him all the time. Obviously, this TSA agent was not enlisted or he wouldn’t have been working security. Sounds like Sgt England carries a chip on his shoulder and thinks everyone needs to answer to him. I wonder why he didn’t ask TSA agents in other airports why they allowed him to break the rules by letting him take a liquid onto an aircraft. Simple, he got his way!!!! This entire situation could have been avoided by simply turning the other cheek, walking away, just as I am sure he has done many times when given orders from his upper command that he didn’t agree with. Sgt England had no authority in this airport, the TSA agent did. Simple. I have flown many times. Never have I went into my pocket and mistaken a dollar bill, or a locker pass for my boarding pass. Simple mockery of the security staff. I am anxious to see the dollar amount attached to this lawsuit, which I feel they will not win. I am also anxious to see how far the military lets this go on before they step in. Should be pretty interesting if they pursue this.

  21. I have no problem with your knowledge of the UCMJ. I do have a problem with the fact that the “officer” in question “did not properly identify himself as a military officer.” As a younger person I would have blindly believed that guard was an officer. A couple incidences helped make me a less blindly trusting person, I would have also asked for the guard to show his military id.

    I have refused to roll down my car window and show my license because a police officer “out of uniform” stopped me. I have refused entry into my home by treasury agents and a local police officer for failure to provide identification. In all instances I was legally correct in my stand.

    I did call the local police on my phone for the treasury agents and the police officer with them. They tried to force their way into my home without properly identifying themselves. AS REQUESTED I DID NOT OPEN MY DOOR UNTIL ANOTHER OFFICER ARRIVED. He presented his badge number as the dispatcher said he would to me.

    The year before, one of the former tenants in the house passed counter-fit money. It took them a year to trace it back to that house. They surrounded my house with their cars and turned on all their headlights. They opened their doors and hid behind them, drew their weapons, and aimed them at the house. While I waited for the police to come, I locked every door and window and stood in a corner in my kitchen, terrified, hoping not to be shot by “whoever” had just tried to force their way into my home. So, there are officers who abuse their power and authority just like there are screw-ups in any other field.

    In the first instance, the officer was under cover. He stopped me to let me know my back license plate was missing. At that time in the metro D.C. area, a rapist with a police “red light” pulled over numerous women and raped them. When he pulled me all I initially saw was the flashing red light. Then out comes this guy in civvies and a field jacket demanding I open my window and present my license and registration. He was very rude and annoyed when I refused until he showed me proof he was really a police officer. After I reminded him he could have been anyone for all I knew, even the rapist, he correctly apologized!

  22. Well let see about the objectives:
    Article 92 fail to obey an order or regulation Mr. England did not follow the regulations he’s a Sgt he should know better and article provoking. When he pulled out the dollar bill for his boarding pass. .LOOKS like provoking to me ..Let not forget article 134 CHARGE ALL unbecoming a gentleman/soldier ..Then when he’s found guilty they will hit him with missing a deployment…..And lets not forget insubordination ..These maybe UCMJ codes but SGT. England is in the Military and he should be acting as he is at ALL TIMES.. If he wants to be treated as such..

    Any person subject to this chapter who–
    (1) violates or fails to obey any lawful general order or regulation;
    (2) having knowledge of any other lawful order issued by any member of the armed forces, which it is his duty to obey, fails to obey the order; or
    (3) is derelict in the performance of his duties;
    shall be punished as a court-martial may . direct.

    Any person subject to this chapter who uses provoking or reproachful words or gestures towards any other person subject to this chapter shall be punished as a court-martial may direct

    Any warrant officer or enlisted member who–
    (1) strikes or assaults a warrant officer, noncommissioned officer, or petty officer, while that officer is in the execution of his office;
    (2) willfully disobeys the lawful order of a warrant officer, noncommissioned officer, or petty officer; or
    (3) treats with contempt or is disrespectful in language or deportment toward a warrant officer, noncommissioned officer, or petty officer while that officer is in the execution of his office;
    shall be punished as a court-martial may direct.

  23. Since the soda was the issue, he did comply and that issue was over. As I understand it, he wasn’t tased until he decided to follow-up on the failure of the guard in the military to follow military regulations by showing his ID card as required by military protocol. Sgt. England was well within his rights to ask to speak to the supervisor of the guard in that instance. The guard may have been impersonating military personnel for all he knew. That action was not reason enough to be apprehended. Lastly, anyone who grabs a soldier just returned from combat from behind is either a fool or not a military service member. You may be in law enforcement, OC; but, you don’t seem able to look clearly and objectively at the information here. Every citizen, military or otherwise has the right to voice a complaint.

  24. AMEN

  25. You know if you do what u are supposed to do when ur told, he would not have found himself in this situation. Police Officers don’t go around thumping folks with their batons or using their tasers. These tools are used for a reason. Basic rule is ” Take responsibility of ur actions” And own up to it if you “F” up..”SO WHAT HAPPENS IN VEGAS STAYS IN VEGAS”

  26. Bill Handle Radid Show Interview. The soda incident appeared to be over, England complied. The TSA employee indentified himself as an officier in the US ARMY but fail to I.D. himself per ARMY Regulations. From there is appears the situation to have got out of hand as a result of a possible complaint action; something procedurally correct. We are all bound by proper Procedure. Hopefully the full truth of surface in this matter and corrective action will be applied.

  27. like a child,picks a fight gets his ass kicked and cries to mama

  28. I’m in law enforcement. We all follow the law the same, if TSA says obey, you do so. I would get fired for what you did. England you only asked for trouble. And just so you know, off the base and in civillian world, no one gives a shit about your rank. You were being a jerk and resisitng arrest, this is what criminals do.

  29. hey pussy. go to the ocregister comment section and check out what people have to say about you here in orange county. you are such a whiney bitch….u need to wipe the sand out of your vagina and go get a new job at the local auto parts store….the

  30. What rock has this soldier been under to not know you can’t bring liquids through security? Plus as someone who is in the military, he should know that TSA is on HIS side and the rules they are enforce are based on achieving the same goals as the military, protecting US citizens. Dude, you went back looking for trouble and you got it. Now stop wasting tax payers money, lick your own wounds and get back to work.

  31. an officer tries to restrain you. you roll away. convicts and street wise people practice the folsom roll in jail and on the streets. it is a common escape attempt among criminals which often lead to officer injury. how stupid can you be? and now you are suing? LoL. what a pathetic moron

  32. […] Sgt. England clarifies events in Las Vegas Air Port Terminal Sgt. Mark T. England posted a comment that provides more accurate details with regard to the events which occurred in the Las Vegas airport terminal: Just to let everyone know this was not over a cup of soda… I misuderstood the TSA liquids ban, because everytime I’ve flown since the ban went into effect, I was allowed to take a drink through security that I had bought at the airport. I didn’t know the rule, because different airports and TSA checkpoint interpret the rule however they want to. As for my complaint about the TSA supervisor, it was not about the soda. He explained the rule and I complied, but he also claimed to be a LT in the Army and refused to show ID. I showed mine when asked about my military status, but he was given 4 chances to produce something any soldier carries on them at all times and he refused 4 times. That is why I came back to file a complaint/report. SGT Mark T. England Cavmedic68w20 said this on May 20th, 2007 at 12:47 pm […]

  33. Sgt. England, thank you for that clarification. We all look forward to hearing that everything is resolved in your favor.

  34. Just to let everyone know this was not over a cup of soda… I misuderstood the TSA liquids ban, because everytime I’ve flown since the ban went into effect, I was allowed to take a drink through security that I had bought at the airport. I didn’t know the rule, because different airports and TSA checkpoint interpret the rule however they want to.
    As for my complaint about the TSA supervisor, it was not about the soda. He explained the rule and I complied, but he also claimed to be a LT in the Army and refused to show ID. I showed mine when asked about my military status, but he was given 4 chances to produce something any soldier carries on them at all times and he refused 4 times. That is why I came back to file a complaint/report.

    SGT Mark T. England

  35. You’re welcome. Good luck!

  36. Awesome! Thank you! We received a call from the ACLU yesterday, They are taking Sgt. England’s story national! However We still need help contacting all the national networks telling to run his story! Thank you again! x0x julianna

  37. Thanks for the update Julianna. This whole thing is so unbelievable. They deserve to be charged! Good luck! I emailed this to a bunch of milbloggers.

  38. we do have the videos…i am his wife…here are the links:

    judge for yourself.


  39. They are supposedly still trying to get the videos that will prove he was not at fault. He’s been charged “!!??” with several charges by the police. Can you believe that. To spend a tour in Iraq and survive to came home and be tasered over a “coke!?” Just who is the enemy here?

  40. WTF?? I’ll be flying to GA in July with my infant son. Am I allowed to take his formula in powdered form? The liquid has to be refridgerated. Coolers are not allowed. What am I supposed to do? And what about drinks and snacks for me? I can’t just eat anything. Junk food makes me ill.
    I would definitely call that an overreaction from security. Have they apologized?

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