Don’t Abandon Out troops – Pass the President’s Spending Bill

I was going over back emails because I have been off line for a bit. Here is a very important email I received. Please Help! The spending bill “must be passed” as soon as possible without all the unrelated junk items. It must not have time limits and other ridiculous limitations or constraints that aide our enemy and ultimately cause more of our troops to die. Nor can we or the Iraqi afford to lose this war.

Iraq War Funding Bill
If you are of a mind to support President Bush and our efforts in Iraq, call the White House comment line to support President Bush on Iraq War Funding Bill. Spread the word. Phone number and details here:


Dick Linn

Proud Father of

USMC LCpl. Karl R. Linn

KIA 1/26/2005 Haqlaniyah, Iraq

Success in Iraq is crucial in the War on Terror. If Iraq fails, then the Islamic jihadists will quickly sweep throughout the entire Middle East. Iran and Syria, to name a couple, are countries that know this. That is why they are so actively supporting the terrorists in Iraq. They send manpower, weaponry,and other  material support to the terrorists. They even send “martyr brigades” from Iran. Saudi Arabia’s Imans provide the  Extremist religious instruction for the religious leaders and members of the terrorists. They all know if Iraq and Afghanistan succeed in becoming a Democracy a domino effect will spread all over the Middle East.

Our military cannot function without the funds needed to do so. Congress knows this. They are trying to circumvent the “Separation of Powers” written into our Constitution. Those members in Congress who have jumped on the “Socialists” traitors” in Congress are “political cowards!” Instead they ought to be pushing for charges of anti-Constitutional and American activities in the House and the Senate. The DSA affiliation of the Progressive Caucus ought to be addressed along with the intertwined web  or network of groups behind the movement in our country to destroy our Constitution and way of life.

It takes very little searching on the web to show collusion between George Soros, Hillary Clinton, [the Shadow Party], the Progressive Caucus [DSA], and the many other elected officials in Congress who have hidden their subversive activities behind the terms of “progressivism” and “political correctness” so as not to offend  or draw attention to their real allegiance and affiliations.

We must not allow the political tactics used to end Vietnam be used in Iraq. To begin with, Vietnam “did not” declare war on America as the Islamics have. They Vietnamese did not spread their words of hate and their violent activities throughout the world as the Islamics have.

We must support President Bush. We must make sure that the American public finds out what is really going on at “home and abroad!” We must not do to our troops what was done to the Vietnam Veterans. This would be dishonoring our Veterans! Senator Reid, Representative Murtha, Nancy Pelosi, all of that bunch out to be held accountable for their duplicity by the means set up in the Constitution!

This is a “call to arms!” Your help is needed ASAP!We must not abandon Iraq or our troops. We need to petition Congress, Democrats and Republicans, to stop these subversives and show support for Bush and our military. Otherwise we dishonor them and we are dishonoring our fallen troops sacrifices.

Support Mr. Lind’s efforts. Go to the link and see how you can help pressure Congress to pass the spending bill for “the military and our troops!”


~ by devildog6771 on May 12, 2007.

2 Responses to “Don’t Abandon Out troops – Pass the President’s Spending Bill”

  1. Feel free to delude yourself if you like. By the way did you actually go to Thomas and read the Bill?

  2. The congress passed a bill giving Bush more than he asked for. He is the one who vetoed it.

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